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Handmades – Workshop Series

Angie Seah, April Ng, Chua Chye Teck, Delia Prvacki and Izziyana Suhaimi (Singapore)
23 Oct 2017 – 16 Dec 2017
Various timings
Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

Embracing things delicately crafted by hand, Handmades is a group exhibition featuring five artists from different disciplines. Over the course of the exhibition, the artists will conduct a series specialised ticketed workshops on weekends and participants’ works may be exhibited in the gallery.

Songs of the Weather – A Participatory Sound Project
Angie Seah (Singapore)

28 Oct 2017, Sat
10am – 12pm & 2 – 4pm (cancelled)
$15 per participant
Recommended for ages 10 and above

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Make weather-inspired music from everyday objects at this sound-making workshop.

Join Angie Seah as she brings you live weather reports, and create your own composition based on them. Record your piece at the on-site DIY recording booth, and hear your creation at the final exhibition.

Angie Seah is a Singapore artist whose multi-disciplinary practice includes drawing, installation, performance and sound. Her works revolve around expressing the human condition in relation to the social environment. For a decade, she has helmed art projects and participatory workshops for communities in Singapore, supported by the National Arts Council, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and the People’s Association. She has also created projects for communities in Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Japan.

Mosaic Workshop
Delia Prvacki (Singapore)

4 Nov 2014, Sat
10am – 3.30pm (with an hour break)
$150 per participant
Recommended for ages 18 and above

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Mosaic art goes back more than 4,000 years and was extremely popular in Europe and Central Asia. It is the assemblage and application of fragments (of materials such as stone or glass) on solid surfaces in pre-determined designs, and can have a wide range of expressive possibilities.

This one-day workshop guides participants through the “reverse" or "indirect" method of creating mosaic art. It involves assembling the pieces face-down on a temporary base, before transferring the finished assemblage to a permanent base, face-up. Each participant creates a piece (approx. 29cm by 21cm).

Delia Prvacki completed her studies at Bucharest’s Institute of Fine Arts before moving to Belgrade as a professional artist, where she spent 17 years. She moved to Singapore in 1992 and became a Singapore citizen in 2002. Some of her most ambitious works are the mosaics and murals at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

Printmaking Workshop – Collagraphy with Dry Point
April Ng (Singapore)

10 & 17 Nov 2017, Fri
10am – 1pm & 2 – 5pm
$100 per participant
Recommended for ages 15 and above

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Collagraphy and dry point are two of the more established intaglio printmaking processes widely used by artists and printmakers around the world.

This introduction to intaglio printmaking teaches participants how to combine collagraphy and dry point techniques to create a variety of interesting projects. Workshop participants will experiment with the various materials provided to create new and wonderful effects.

April Ng received her Diploma in Fine Art (Western Painting) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, and graduated with a Master in Fine Arts (Printmaking) from The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL), UK, in 1993. Ng’s works have been exhibited in numerous shows locally and internationally, including Portugal, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. She is one of the artists selected by the Land Transport Authority for the North-East Line MRT Art in Transit series (Woodleigh Station).

Weaving Workshop
Izziyana Suhaimi (Singapore)

25 Nov & 2 Dec 2017, Sat
11am – 2pm
$65 per participant
Recommended for ages 15 and above

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The traditional art of weaving has endured thousands of years. Although the rise of the industrial loom in the modern era has almost rendered the traditional loom obsolete in the developed world, there is an honest beauty in handwoven things that cannot be replaced.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to basic weaving stitches such as plain weave and rya knots, weaving tools and the various types of yarn to work with, as well as learn how to wrap a frame loom and remove their finished artwork in order to hang it up.

Izziyana Suhaimi received her BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging (Hons) from the School of Art, Design and Media at National Technological University, Singapore. Her body of work explores evidence of the hand and time. Embroidery to her is a quiet and still act, in which each stitch represents a moment passed. The building of stitches then becomes a representation of time passing and the final work is like a physical manifestation of time—a time object.

Carve Your Own Spoon
Chua Chye Teck (Singapore)

8, 9, 15 & 16 Dec 2017, Fri & Sat
2 – 6pm
$65 per participant
Recommended for ages 18 and above (sharp tools will be used in the woodcarving process)

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A universal stirrer of gravies, a ubiquitous mother’s discipline tool, the wooden spoon may be found in many homes worldwide, a symbol of family and homeliness.

In this four-hour-long workshop, participants will be provided with local tembusu wood with which to carve their own spoons. Guided by the artist, they will use simple carving tools, files and sandpaper to learn and enjoy the meditative process of working with their hands to shape the spoons intuitively.

Chua Chye Teck has been a full-time artist for close to 20 years. Growing up in a family of carpenters, he has always had an affinity with wood and sculptural art, but decided to challenge himself by working with photography instead. His publication, Beyond Wilderness, is the culmination of a decade in photography and presents his views on found objects, spaces and nature. Both sculptural art and photography have their respective technicalities, and Chye Teck is keen to go back to sculpting because he wants to focus on creating from scratch rather than reacting to a scenario.

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