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Ezekiel Wong Kel Win (Singapore)
5 Apr – 6 Aug 2017
All day
Community Wall, Level 3

A young multimedia artist, Ezekiel Wong Kel Win enjoys watching people and observing their natural behavioural patterns when they interact in a social group or among their peers. Certain situations bring out the best or the worst in people’s character, and it is these little acts of social survival that Wong finds intriguing and amusing.

Commoners examines how the game of “the survival of the fittest” is being played in our daily lives and sketches out the behaviours of some common characters like a control freak or a micro-managing superior at work. Through monochromatic paintings, drawings and animated video work, Wong captures elements of human behaviour in a satirical and whimsical manner. We may unwillingly recognise some ugly moments that relate to our own lives, yet these images also allow us to laugh at ourselves while pondering over them.

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