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Importing the transient nature of the performing arts to the exhibiting of visual arts, our visual arts presentations generate a sense of dynamism through a constant change of exhibitions, located in the unusual spaces offered by Esplanade's unique architecture, and centered on four themes a year. Featuring international and regional artists, the focus on contemporary Singapore and Asian artistic expressions gives a visual dimension to the centre's performing arts events and festivals.

Every Body (Oct 2017 – Jan 2018)

Themed Every Body, Esplanade’s Visual Arts programmes in the final quarter of 2017 celebrate the centre’s 15th anniversary by bringing together 42 Singapore artists we have journeyed with through the years. Established and up-and-coming artists collaborate in group exhibitions and new works that will be presented across the centre’s venues. The public is also invited to make and contribute their own artworks to one of the exhibitions, by participating in workshops crafted by artists.

Through this quarter’s programmes, we seek to develop a sense of community, revisit the idea of collectivism, generate engaging discourse between practitioners, and open up broader views on art.

Artist collectives go a long way back in the history of art. In the 19th century, groups like the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Nazarenes led radical movements to challenge styles and trends in the mainstream art practices of their times. In Southeast Asia, many active artist-run communities were formed in the early 1990s, including The Artists Village (Singapore), Plastique Kinetic Worms (Singapore), Para Site (Hong Kong), Project 304 (Thailand), Green Papaya Art Projects (Philippines), Surrounded By Water (Philippines), Cemeti Art House (Indonesia) and Kedai Kebun (Indonesia).

Every Body can be interpreted literally, as both an address to the individual practitioner and an attempt to bring together as many local artists within this quarter as possible. The dynamics of the body in the processes of collaboration, dialogue, exchange, community engagement and shared practice aims to enrich the collective consciousness that connects us all together.

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