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KODO & HIBIKIYA: Opening Taiko Concert

KODO (Japan) & HIBIKIYA (Singapore)
13 May 2016Fri
2hrs 30mins (Performed in two parts, with a 15min intermission)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Taiko refers to a broad range of traditional Japanese drums with endless rhythmic possibilities.

KODO, Japan’s most celebrated taiko group, made its debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981. In Japanese, the word "kodo" has a double meaning: it can be translated as "heartbeat", which refers to the primal source of all rhythms; and can also mean “children of the drum", which in this context reflects the group’s desire to perform with the simple heart of a child. They tour extensively around the world and play a variety of taiko drums and other traditional instruments.

HIBIKIYA is a Japanese taiko drum and instrumental group in Singapore led by Namiko Sakai. What started out as a family activity grew to become a prominent ensemble that is constantly expanding and evolving. HIBIKIYA performs extensively in Singapore and also tours around Asia and the USA.

This collaboration between KODO and HIBIKIYA showcases the signature pieces of KODO. Adding to the high energy performance are the sounds of other traditional instruments such as the shinobue (Japanese flute) and shamisen (Japanese string instrument), as well as dance. Enjoy this exciting collaboration between Japan and Singapore as the two taiko groups meet on stage.

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