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Comic Nights

Anesama Kings (姉様キングス)
18 & 19 May 2016Wed & Thu
7.15pm & 8.15pm
7.15pm & 8.15pm
Esplanade Concourse

What sort of hilarity will ensue in a night of musical stand-up comedy featuring a man and a woman dressed as geishas? Armed with a shamisen (Japanese stringed instrument) and a balalaika (Russian stringed instrument), comic duo Ayame Katsura and Somejaku Hayashiya dance and perform traditional Japanese ballads and poems with social commentary, complete with powdered faces, matching kimono, and elaborate geisha wigs!

Formed in 1999, Anesama Kings (姉様キングス) have brought their form of humour around the world, to Russia, Ukraine, the Dominican Republic, Edinburgh, Brazil, and France. The pair has also been featured in television programmes of Japanese channel NHK.

General Advisory

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