Interviews  |  Baybeats Budding Band 2017: Tides

Hard work pays off: Tides performs as one of the Budding Bands for Baybeats 2017.

From meeting on to the Baybeats Stage in just over a year.

By Marian Saturno


From left to right: Hugh Vincent, Isyraf Samsuri, Randy Chandermohan, Danish Akanihu, and Dzul Tay
Photo credit: Nur Seryhana

Writing their first EP within three months of meeting for the first time as a band, recording it in the following quarter, and releasing it just a month later. Tides’ debut record, Hourglass, was born out of the current that the boys found themselves caught in, a mixture of hard work and a supportive community which helped them gain momentum.

“We just didn’t look back from there,” said Danish Akanihu, 20, bassist and backing vocalist of Tides.

Check out the first track from their Hourglass EP, Chariot:

I sat in a conference room, across five young men, three of whom are still serving the nation. It seemed like an awfully corporate place to interview such a cheeky and down-to-earth bunch, but after everyone loosened up following a round of introduction and a couple of jokes, it was not hard to hold an honest conversation with them.


From left to right: Dzul Tay, Hugh Vincent, Randy Chandermohan, Danish Akanihu, and Isyraf Samsuri
Photo credit: Nur Seryhana

The eureka moment for the band was when Randy Chandermohan, 24, who was originally the band’s bassist, picked up and screamed into the microphone during their very first jamming session. The band followed suit and played tunes over his melodies. That was when Tides decided to keep Randy as their frontman, set melodic hardcore as their home ground, and most importantly, wrote their first single Vices.

Isyraf Samsuri, 23, guitarist, told me about how they “didn’t expect much” to come out of the band, considering they met through, a local online music forum.

Initially, they were gunning for a grungy punk sound, a la Title Fight. Things started to unfold after the first jam, and the band stuck with their current line up: Randy, Akanihu, Isyraf, Hugh Vincent, 19, on guitars and backing vocals, and Syafiq Azman, 24, on drums.

Unfortunately, Syafiq will not perform at Baybeats due to national service commitments, so Dzul Tay, 23, will be sessioning for the band.

With so many of the band members currently involved in the army, it is inevitable that they run into issues when scheduling rehearsals. Sometimes, they have to resort to meeting without all the members being present, just to tighten the other parts of the band.

Their songwriting process, however, requires them to throw ideas out in the studio brainstorming style, which is much easier to achieve when all are present. Otherwise, they record their ideas and send them to each other.

You can find the Hourglass EP here:

Randy writes the lyrics for the band. He said that his inspiration lies in the challenges that he and the people around him face, both the good and the bad. The songs that the band write have a theme that links them together - recovery.

In a way, their songs yearn to be anthems for the troubled youth but with a message at the end of each one, a glimpse of hope and resolution.

Taking their influences from bands like Capsize and Counterparts, finding their sound was almost intuitive. Melodic hardcore, according to Akanihu, is a new generation of hardcore, but with a little more heart. “It’s aggressively emotional.”

Isyraf explains that there are only a few melodic hardcore bands in Singapore, which works to their advantage. It is easier for them not to get pigeonholed and they have the freedom to experiment since the genre is not restrictive.


From left to right: Hugh Vincent, Isyraf Samsuri, Randy Chandermohan, Danish Akanihu, and Dzul Tay
Photo credit: Nur Seryhana

Currently in the midst of preparing for their Baybeats performance, Tides exude a confident yet humble spirit, grateful for the opportunities they have been given, and eager to learn and grow further as a band.

It is clear that Baybeats will not be the last time we hear of this driven bunch, and the festival is merely a stepping stone towards greater things. Rumour has it that they are working with a special guest on their forthcoming two-track single - look out for it.

Here is a little teaser:

Catch Tides on the Powerhouse stage at Baybeats on 15 Jul, 7pm