Interviews  |  Baybeats Budding Band 2017: Every Rage I Seek

Experience the furious force of death metal with Singapore band, Every Rage I Seek, at Baybeats 2017

By Fung Wan Pei

Every Rage I Seek

Photo credit: Sharlene Maria Sankaran

The 10-year-old modern metal band which started as an all-girls band are making their Baybeats debut this year. Every Rage I Seek has previously opened for Boston City hardcore legends, Death Before Dishonour and Australian metalcore outfit, Hereafter.

What does rage mean to you and how is it expressed in metal music? Does it mean anger or maybe frustration from difficulties in everyday life? Azhar Harsono (vocals), 29, Rasul Ramli (drums), 28, Mus Abdin (guitar), 28, Aidil Ismail (guitar) 28 and Ammar Hamizan (bass), 26, are part of the five-piece modern metal band, Every Rage I Seek aka ERIS. The 10-year-old band had humble beginnings, with the members playing on cheap acoustic guitars at a school staircase. Interestingly, ERIS began with an all-female line-up but gradually switched line-ups. Rasul was the first to join, followed by Azhar, and subsequently, secondary school friends Ammar and Aidil and finally Mus, who joined in 2009.

Modern metal—Every Rage I Seek (ERIS)’s unique sound, is a mixture of all the genres of metal including heavy metal, death core, metal core, and even technical death metal.

The lively and outgoing band have played many shows in Malaysia in the early 2010s and opened for national acts from the US and Australia like Death Before Dishonour and Here After.  Being a part of the underground music scene in Singapore for a decade, ERIS have witnessed fellow underground bands rise to fame and achieve great success. “You see your fellow Singaporeans going up all the way even though they are playing music that isn’t really radio friendly,” guitarist, Aidil expressed with admiration, referring to popular Singaporean grindcore band, Wormrot.

ERIS go by the motto of ‘spreading the rage’. In an ERIS concert, you can look forward to having a good time with friends. “During our set, you can just let it out,” vocalist Azhar explained, recalling how audience members have screamed, shouted and danced at their shows. “Just don’t vandalise anything,” Aidil joked as the band laughed in unison.

“At the same time, our music is not 100% bashing out in your face, there are melodic parts as well that touch your emotional side,” Rasul clarified. He also described how ‘rage’ includes expressing every bit of emotion. “So if anyone were to come to an ERIS show, they will not only get in touch with their aggressive side but also their feelings as well.”

Mus added that the audience can expect to feel as though they are one with the band, almost like they were playing together with them on stage. “Be yourself, have fun and enjoy the music,” Mus said excitedly.

Every Rage I Seek

Photo credit: Sharlene Maria Sankaran

Despite the line-up changes in the past, the band have carried on through thick and thin. When asked about how the current line-up are able to work well together, the band members all agree that chemistry is the most important factor.

Aidil, who is married and has a child, expressed: “Without them, I would still feel empty.” Azhar explained that the chemistry among them allows the band mates to strike a balance between being professional about their creative ideas and differences, as well as enjoying each other’s company during the down times.

It hasn’t always been easy for the five members to find the time to practice and perfect their sound. They hold day jobs like pharmacist, student care teacher and gym trainer, just to name a few. However, they make it a point to practice once a week for at least two hours, usually at night.

Every Rage I Seek

Photo credit: Sharlene Maria Sankaran

Asked how they felt about being a 10-year-old Baybeats budding band, Rasul exclaimed earnestly that the entire band are thrilled at getting the chance to play at the festival this year. “This is like possibly the show of the decade for us, to put it simply. It’s like a sweet 10-year birthday.”
Azhar adds: “We’ve seen many bands come and go since we started. Knowing that Baybeats is gonna be a big stage for us to perform, we know we shouldn’t waste this opportunity and want to learn as much as we can.”

Want to unleash your rage while having fun with friends? Join Every Rage I Seek at the Powerhouse stage at Baybeats 2017, happening from 14 to 16 July 2017.