10 Highlights of Past Baybeats that We’ll Never Ever Forget

By Mahirah Mahmud, Marian Saturno and Fung Wan Pei

Baybeats 2017 is back for its 16th year, here are 10 highlights from past Baybeats from 2002 to 2016.

1. Anberlin (2009)

Those who went to Baybeats 2009 would have remembered American Alternative-Rock band, Anberlin. The biggest act of Baybeats 2009 performed many of their greatest songs like Inevitable, Paperthin Hymn and Godspeed at the Arena (Outdoor Theatre). The popular band sadly disbanded in 2014, so aren’t you glad you caught them while they were in their prime?

Photo credit: Gifford Yap

2. Cosmic Armchair (2010)

Indie Electronic Pop duo, Cosmic Armchair, from none other than Singapore, was one of the memorable acts of Baybeats 2010. With strong influences from new-wave and synth-pop bands like Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode, Cosmic Armchair impressed festival-goers with a resurgence of electronic music – a needle in a haystack amongst a guitar-heavy lineup at the time.

3. Wolfgang (2011)

Clearly one of the best performances of Baybeats 2011, popular Filipino heavy rock and metal band, Wolfgang, rocked the Powerhouse stage on the final day of the three-day festival. Who could have forgotten the eager crowd crying out “Halik Ni Hudas” minutes before they played their headbanging set?

Photo credit: Ian Soliva

4. The Trees And The Wild aka Trees & Wild (2012)

After performing in Singapore for the Esplanade’s Mosaic Music Festival in 2011, The Trees And The Wild came back the following year for Baybeats instead. Once labelled a “Must See Asian Band” from TIME Magazine, it was an honour to have the post-rock outfit play at Baybeats in 2012.

5. Wormrot Wedding Proposal (2013)

“Sayang, will you marry me?” are the last words you expect from a grindcore vocalist but Arif from Wormrot said just that. The sweet wedding proposal was the highlight of Baybeats 2013, halting the crowd’s crazy circle pit and turning them into a fawning audience admiring the couple on stage.

6. Nothing to Declare (2013)

Mas Kimura first performed in Baybeats back during the first-ever Baybeats in 2002 in a band called Pug Jelly. He then founded Nothing to Declare in Singapore as a solo project in 2005. Despite that, Nothing to Declare only played Baybeats in 2013 and it was nothing short of amazing. Mas Kimura even did a little cameo in Electrico’s set!

7. Return of Electrico (2013)

Electrico returned to the Baybeats stage in 2013 -  this time as a much more seasoned 3-piece emerging from adulthood’s growing pains. Much had changed since 2003; the band caught the attention of many through radio waves, and even on TV Show soundtracks. And who could forget ‘What Do You See’, our National Day theme song in 2009? They returned as stars, and they couldn’t shine any brighter.

8. Mixtape Stage (2015)

2015 was a special year for Singapore, and Baybeats had their own contribution to the SG50 celebrations. To show how much our local music scene had evolved, Baybeats served a dose of nostalgia with the Mixtape Stage where Baybeats Alumni collaborated with established artists from that year. Rising from their five-year hiatus, The Fire Fight surprised their fans by joining forces with The Sam Willows' Benjamin Kheng and 987 DJ Joakim Gomez. And on the same stage, Caracal’s K.C. Meals had his hand in delivering a power-packed set with SURREAL, who were coincidentally on the very first Baybeats bill - 13 years before this performance.

9. Open Stage (2016)

The classic open mic concept was introduced to Baybeats for the first time back in 2016’s Open Stage at the Esplanade Forecourt Garden. The stage garnered the attention of musicians from all walks of life; Baybeats welcomed new music acts such as RnB/ Soul band Astronauts (formerly known as BJ & the Astronauts), SUPERSECT, who is playing on the Arena stage this year, and singer-songwriter Keith VVolf (known as Keith Soo-Tho back then).

10. Two Face Stage (2017)

Not to be outdone, this year sees Baybeats bands playing both at outdoor stages as well as at the Chillout Stage! Get ready to hear your favourite rock bands like Amateur Takes Control and Bakers in Space play stripped down versions of their songs. You might even get a little emotional from the entire experience.

Be a part of this year’s highlights and come down for Baybeats, happening from 14 to 16 July at the Esplanade