About A Tapestry of Sacred Music

Sacred music is perhaps the most primal music of all. It comes from a place deep inside us, and often leads us in our quest to transcend the “bonds of earth”, and to connect with the Divine, whatever we perceive it to be. The sanctity of this desire has inspired man to create some of the most beautiful and entrancing music in the world.

This quest, found in the sacred music of so many cultures around the world, is what the annual festival, A Tapestry of Sacred Music, is all about.

Festival Guide
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Festival Message

Dear Audience,

The idea of the sacred has been an important impetus for the creation of music and art. From meditative chants to rousing percussions, sombre laments to joyous exaltations, the fascinating range of expressions across cultures continue to evolve in the delivery of scripture, stories, prayers and ceremonies.

When we look beneath the surface of this diversity, we find that music and art respond to the same thing: our human condition. Regardless of where we come from, we all desire to be free of suffering, to experience happiness and avoid adversity. We hope our offspring lead good lives, and that our loved ones move on to a better place when they leave this world. Music, for this purpose, is a response to the same fundamental needs we all experience regardless of background and culture.

With greater than ever interaction of cultures in a post-globalised world, and in the face of the culturally-divisive discourse in media and society, this message of looking beyond apparent differences and recognising our common humanity is perhaps more important than ever.

With this in mind, we invite you to journey with us in our ninth edition of A Tapestry of Sacred Music. Together, we will experience the myriad forms of music from communities and artists in Singapore and abroad, as well as share in the richness of culture in their devotional arts. We also dive into diverse expressions of a common humanity that capture our pains and joys, and how we endeavour to reach out to something greater than ourselves.

We hope that the music you encounter here will be able to cut through rhetoric and debate, and bring to the forefront an appreciation that—despite the different languages we speak, the instruments we play, and rhythms we move to—we have more in common than we think.

Yours sincerely,
Tan XiangHui
Lead Programmer
A Tapestry of Sacred Music