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GOONAM, Monomania and INHUMAN

GOONAM (Korea)
Monomania (Thailand)
INHUMAN (Taiwan)

4 Mar 2017Sat
2hrs 45min (with breaks between bands)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

This March, catch 16 bands from eight countries over eight days at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Listen to the soundtrack of each city and embrace the diverse styles and cultures that all carry the rebel heart of rock ‘n’ roll.

GoonamguayeoRidingStella, or GOONAM for short, is an indie band from South Korea that has been around since 2005. “Goonamguayeoridingstella” translates to “an old man and a woman riding in a Stella”, derived from singer/guitarist/songwriter Joh Ung’s wonderful childhood memories of taking long drives in the countryside with his parents in their Hyundai Stella.

In 2007, they released their debut full-length album We Are Clean. The unprecedented nature of this album was imbued with its musicianship and originality, which sent a shockwave throughout the Korean music scene, ultimately deeming them a “musician’s musician band”.

Their second album, Friendship Motel, was released in 2011. It was critically acclaimed for its mature sensibilities and brought them into the public eye. The success of the album at home and abroad has led to many offers to participate in festivals in South Korea, as well as a world tour. They have toured Japan, UK, France, North America and Russia, and the list continues to grow.

In July 2015, GOONAM self-released their third album Sun Power on their own newly created label, Asia Records. Their sound continues to expand, incorporating the traditional Korean rhythm pattern called jangdan into their already eclectic musical palette to generate an utterly unique groove.

In November 2016, they released a seven-inch record in collaboration with Cambodian/American rock band Dengue Fever. It was recorded during their stay in Los Angeles in September 2014. The record will be released in North America and Korea.

Monomania (TH)
Monomania are an alternative rock band from Thailand, united in their passion for ambient and electronic noise driven by hypnotic grooves. Together, they create a unique atmosphere, from chilled psychedelia to jarring rhythms brimming with energy. This provides the bedrock for their songs that whilst tinged with melancholy, are always hopeful and striving to break free.

Their debut album Another Side of Human came out of nowhere in October 2014 and was nominated in five categories, winning them Best Newcomer and Best Album at the prestigious Kom Chad Luk awards ceremony despite going up against heavyweights Bodyslam, Slot Machine and Stamp.

Since mid-2000, Taiwanese alt-punk rockers INHUMAN have made a name for themselves as a driven group of talented musicians with energetic live shows. This five-piece band has taken inspiration from all eras and incarnations of funk, rap, world and folk rock, and developed a sound which can be appreciated by fans of indie music.

INHUMAN's debut album Dead End (2012) received critical acclaim in Taiwan, and their lead single Boat Man was selected by INDIEVOX as one of the top 10 singles of that year. Last year saw their return with their sophomore album Go Straight. Mastered at Golden Mastering (Primus, Sonic Youth), the album once again showcased the band's ability to step into multiple genres at once, giving pundits a tough time pigeon-holing their genre.

Big plans are on the horizon for INHUMAN. Having already impressed audiences across Taiwan, the band is now set to expand its following with a series of tours to promote the album, both across Taiwan and abroad.

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