Esplanade Presents | Free Performances: Red Dot August


SG Inspirations: Music and Poetry

2 & 3 Aug 2017Wed & Thu
7pm & 7.45pm
Esplanade Concourse

A showcase of the poetry-inspired musical works of composers Tan Yuting and Chew Jun An. This performance features a selection of vocal works which set the words of poets, including Oscar Wilde and Singapore poet Dr Tan Chee Lay, to music. From the vivid images evoked by the soundscape of Tan Yuting’s Chinatown, to the complete embodiment of scene and character in Chew Jun An’s In the Forest using vocal extended techniques, audience members can enjoy the diverse musical interpretations of these poems by our Singapore composers!

Songs from "Chinatown” by Tan Yuting
(text by local poet Dr. Tan Chee Lay)
Ng Jingyun, Soprano
Lin Hengyue, Piano

On the Death of Anne Brontë by Tan Yuting
(text by Charlotte Brontë)
Ng Jingyun, Soprano
Lin Hengyue, Piano

Songs from "Ode to the Nightingale" by Chew Jun An
(text by John Keats)
Keane Ong, Baritone
Lin Hengyue, Piano

In the Forest by Chew Jun An
(Text by Oscar Wilde)
Keane Ong, Baritone
Lee Jinjun, Trumpet

General Advisory

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