Esplanade Presents | Free Performances: Red Dot August


Fym Summer

4 Aug 2017Fri
7pm & 7.45pm
7pm & 7.45pm
Esplanade Concourse

Fym Summer’s musical works are notable for her dreamy intimate vocals, rueful narrative songwriting and her recordings taken in bold single takes or with minimal embellishments.

Her debut autobiographical EP Heart, released in early 2015, is a heartfelt record featured as one of the singer-songwriter’s musical works in Noise Singapore 2015 by National Arts Council of Singapore. Summer received music mentorship from singer-DJ Vanessa Fernandez of Lush 99.5FM, Singapore's indie music radio station and Randolf Arriola, one of the world's finest live looping musicians. Her EP has since received attention from music aficionados in Singapore and around the world for its poignant narration and her matter-of-fact vocal style.

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