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Cultural Icons in Malay Society: Rebels vs Heroes

22 Jul 2017Sat

Discover the rebels and heroes of Malay culture and legend, and their place in the evolving Malay society, both in popular culture and academics. Delve into their histories and struggles, and make sense of their cultural significance. Some of the names discussed in this talk include:

The legendary heroic Hang Tuah
The “smart boy” Hang Nadim and the herculean Badang
The invisible and mysterious Puteri Gunung Ledang
The Multi-Talented Seniman P Ramlee
The serenading diva of Biduanita Sharifah Aini

Profile of Speaker:
Dr Azhar Ibrahim is a lecturer at the Department of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS). He teaches Malay-Indonesian literature and ideologies of development at the department. His research interests include the sociology of religion and literature, critical literacy, and the Malay-Indonesian intellectual development. He has published several books, including Menyanggah Belenggu Kerancuan Fikiran Masakini (2016), Contemporary Islamic Discourse in the Malay-Indonesia World: Critical Perspectives. (2014), Narrating Presence: Awakening from Cultural Amnesia. (2014).

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