Esplanade Presents | Moonfest – A Mid-Autumn Celebration 艺满中秋


Moonfest Tea Room

29 Sep – 1 Oct 2017Fri – Sun
29 Sep 2017: 7pm – 9.30pm
30 Sep 2017: 2.30pm – 9.30pm
1 Oct 2017: 2.30pm – 9pm
29 Sep 2017 : 7pm
30 Sep – 1 Oct 2017 : 2.30pm
Esplanade Annexe Studio

Looking for something different to do over the weekend? Come on down to the Moonfest Tea Room and experience a lighter side of traditional Chinese arts and culture.

Try your hand at brewing tea the traditional way or savour some on-tap cold sparkling tea from Pek Sin Choon, one of the oldest tea merchants in Singapore; try on Chinese Opera costumes and take a photo to share with your fans on Instagram; or pick up some Chinese calligraphy skills with our reusable practice sets where your words magically disappear once they dry! There are also talks, demos and performances that will give you an enjoyable introduction into the world of traditional Chinese arts and culture.

The Moonfest Tea Room is open to everyone! Young and old, beginners and arts buffs alike are invited to rediscover the beauty of Chinese arts and culture.

29 Sep, Fri
7.45pm & 8.45pm: Kulcha X Cantonese Opera

30 Sep, Sat
3pm: Talk & Demo: The TENG Sound – Traditional X Contemporary
5pm: Talk & Demo: Peking Opera
7.45pm & 8.45pm: Mongolian Morin Khuur X Guitar

1 Oct, Sun
3pm: Talk: Use of TCM Acupressure to Relieve Mobile User’s Strain and Fatigue
5pm: Talk: Let’s Speak Dialects Together
6.45pm & 7.45pm: The Fascinating World of Chinese Opera

Space design by Jed Lim
Special thanks to Siong Leng Musical Association, Ee Hoe Hean Club and Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe for their kind support.

Things To Note

General Advisory

For information about late seating, house rules, photography and more, please refer to our general advisory.