Esplanade Presents | Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts 华艺节 2018


Why We Chat?

Edward Lam Dance Theatre (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
1 – 4 Mar 2018 Thu – Sun
Thu – Sat: 7.30pm
Sun: 2.30pm
1 – 3 Mar 2018 : 7.30pm
4 Mar 2018 : 2.30pm
Download the programme booklet Why We Chat? | 5.08 mb
3hrs 20mins (including 20min intermission)
Esplanade Theatre
Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles

Advisory: This performance contains some coarse language and mature content. Recommended for audiences aged 16 years and above. No admission for ages 12 and below.
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Concessions for students, NSFs and seniors: $27*, $48**

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A theatrical presentation on modern relationships and ghost stories, inspired by the classical Chinese literary collection Liaozhai Zhiyi (Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio).

A wise man once said, “True love is like ghosts—you hear of them a lot, but few are those who actually come across one”.

A writer, Mr Pu, wanted to be a bestselling author but could never achieve his aspiration. As things did not turn out as he planned, he couldn’t help but move along with the flow and started earning a living by developing an app named “Zhailiao”, in which he invented various types of beautiful women that lonely single souls could chat with.

However, he gradually became obsessed with one of his creations, Ms Hu (“Ms Fox”), who seemed to know him better than he himself did. Over time, with Ms Hu’s omnipresence, Mr Pu began to suspect whether she really existed. The roles changed along with their identities and the story gradually unraveled Ms Hu’s mystery.

Whatever happened between this man and this woman, be it love or hate, it all happened in a busy hotel named “Liaozhai”.

Ten years ago, award-winning director and actress Sylvia Chang first met popular actor David Wang in the play Design for Living. In Why We Chat?, they meet again. But this time, what are they? Restless humans? Relentless ghosts? Shape-shifting fox spirits?

Directed by award-winning director Edward Lam and written by the highly sought-after playwright-actress Wong Wing Sze, Why We Chat? is a lyrical and romantic discourse that lets us gaze deep into ourselves, and into each other, to see how human we truly are.

“These days, we have so many ways of communicating with each other, but have people become afraid of engaging in real conversations? We float through the day, and come alive only at night. We take what we want from each other, but we resist giving ourselves to others. We constantly battle our emotional needs with the physical realities of everyday life. Are we becoming less human and more like ghosts? What if the fox spirit truly exists, a being who can see our innermost wants and desires and is able to hold all these up to the light?”
Edward Lam

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