Esplanade Presents | Holi – Colours of Spring 2018


Holi Manjari

Ponnamma Devaiah, Kalaivani Kumareswaran and Aarthi Subash (Singapore)
18 Mar 2018Sun
4.15pm, 5pm, 5.45pm & 6.30pm
4.15pm, 5pm, 5.45pm & 6.30pm
Esplanade Concourse


Holi, the festival of colours, spring, love and good vs evil, takes place every spring, the season known as basanth rithu. During this period, plants and trees blossom, and their lovely fragrance fills the air.

The festival is an ancient celebration that draws on the legend of Krishna and Radha. It is said that Krishna was in love with her, but was self-conscious about their difference in skin colour. His mother Yashoda suggested that he could change Radha’s complexion to any colour he wanted with coloured paint, and so he playfully did that to her. Ever since, the playful colouring of her face has been commemorated as Holi. It is believed that lovers celebrate Holi in this tradition. This performance captures the range of emotions evoked in Krishna and Radha’s story through kathak and odissi dance.

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