da:ns festival
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da:ns festival

A yearly festival that celebrates the spirit of dance and the joy of movement, from the classical to the cutting-edge and the popular.


Discover the joy of movement and fall in love with dance at da:ns festival’s Footwork workshops.

There's no better way to fall in love with dance than to try dancing yourself. Footwork gives you the opportunity to learn popular dances from the experts and pick up some moves in the months leading up to the da:ns festival, held from 20 – 29 Oct 2017. Save the dates and come celebrate dance with us!

Get involved in the festival as a da:ns kaki

Esplanade’s da:ns festival is looking for passionate and committed volunteers to be ambassadors for the 2017 festival.

As a da:ns kaki, get behind the scenes and work closely with the festival team, meet artists and try out a whole host of different roles. Best of all, meet like-minded people and pick up some new dance moves along the way.

In return, you will receive an official da:ns kaki festival tee, special mementos, and sneak peeks of the festival only available to the da:ns kakis!

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