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Rasas – Kandyan Dance

Chitrasena Dance Company (Sri Lanka)
14 – 16 Oct
Fri – Sun
14 Oct 2016 : 7.15pm & 9pm
15 Oct 2016 : 6.15pm, 7.30pm & 9pm
16 Oct 2016 : 6.30pm & 8.15pm
14 & 15 Oct 2016 : 9pm
14 Oct 2016 : 7.15pm
15 Oct 2016 : 6.15pm & 7.30pm
16 Oct 2016 : 6.30pm & 8.15pm
30mins (no intermission)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Kandyan Dance is a ritual-dance tradition that only evolved into a performance art in the 20th century. Its origin can be traced back to pre-Buddhist times, and since it was maintained through oral tradition, it is quite clear that the ritual theatre, like all living art forms, has been changing over the years: discarding some elements and absorbing others, adapting and progressing. It was only in the 1930s, with the emergence of Chitrasena, a virtuoso in the traditional dance forms of Sri Lanka and his revolutionary work in bringing the dance to the stage, that this ancient art form was given new life. Chitrasena, determined to keep the ancient dance forms alive in a world that was rapidly changing, adapted and refined it to suit the modern stage.

The most famous of Kandyan dances, Ves, is derived from these ritual dances and features elaborate costumes and headgear that are considered to be sacred. Originally performed only by men, Ves was adapted for female dancers in the 20th century.

Established in the 1940s the Chitrasena Dance Company is Sri Lanka’s oldest and most prestigious dance company. Reputed for being the pioneers and revolutionists in the dance sphere in Sri Lanka – the Company continues to experiment without compromise and pursues their mission of preserving the traditional dance forms while innovating within them.

About da:ns festival

To all dance lovers and those curious, Esplanade’s da:ns festival invites you to fall in love with dance through a full-hearted celebration of movement this October. With powerful performances from around the world, exciting new creations and a wide range of opportunities to learn different kinds of dance, this 11-day festival will open your mind, lift your spirit and get your body moving.

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