Esplanade Presents | Baybeats



16 Jul 2017Sun
5.50pm & 11.30pm
5.50pm & 11.30pm
Esplanade Annexe Studio

A Baybeats double-bill featuring a collaborative project of an unlikely pairing. Since the start of the year, the improvisational approach of SA(仨) and the disciplined beat-based sampledelia of NADA have been melding together over a shared inclination towards ethnic sounds. Now, they present the beginnings of a long-term artistic endeavour.

The trio of SA(仨) create their own soundscapes, exploring all possibilities not bound by time or culture. They combine traditional and classical training with the curiosity to experiment, creating a sonic musical identity that is truly their own. Founded in 2010, SA(仨) meaning“three” in northern Chinese dialect, is a tribute to their Chinese roots. Professionally trained in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing, Andy C plays the dizi (flute), Natalie Alexandra plays the guzheng (zither) and Cheryl Ong plays Chinese drums and percussion.


NADA is a visual arts and sound project that specialises in conjuring lost eras through music, particularly the golden period of Malay and Southeast Asian traditional and popular music from the 1960s to the 1980s. Consisting of Rizman Putra and Safuan Johari, the duo celebrates these forgotten sounds from the past through contemporary musical lens. NADA fuses fiction with reality and creates vintage allure with refreshing modernity. Since 2014, NADA's brand of music has gone beyond Singapore to Paris, Beijing, London and New York.

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