Esplanade Presents

Free Performances: A.I.R. Time

1 & 2, 6 – 9, 15 & 16 and 27 – 30 Nov

There are many sides to any story. Discover the other sides of our featured musicians at A.I.R. Time.

Music is a journey that can take a musician from one instrument to many. You could be playing the violin at the Esplanade Concert Hall on a weekend, and singing the blues on an electric guitar on Monday. Shining the spotlight on three respected and bold Singapore musicians, A.I.R. Time is a chance for all of us to experience their different musical personas up close.


Nelson Tan
Going strong in his 20-year musical career, Nelson was first introduced to the keyboards, then guitars and drums before, in his words, finding the love of his life, bass. Fans of post-rock band, In Each Hand A Cutlass, may not realise that the very same guy whipping those killer bass, is also a member of popular Malay pop rock band Tujuh and a veteran singer-songwriter who composes and sings in both English and Mandarin. Challenging common music trends, Nelson’s versatility and openness to different music styles has continued to keep him true to himself.

Bennett Bay
A musician and composer, Bennett has been stirring waves in the Singapore music scene since his debut performance at the Esplanade Concourse in 2015, moving on to perform at notable local and international festivals. The classically-schooled 22 year-old first picked up the suona, a Chinese woodwind instrument, at eight years of age. He later picked up the guitar and bass, expanding his musical repertoire beyond Chinese classical music, and earnestly foraging into arranging and performing with his folk singer-songwriter project and his instrumental rock trio, Hauste.

Since the early ’90s, Dharma has been involved in Singapore music scene with multiple bands such as Manic Mushroom, blues-rock fusion outfit Heritage, funk-fusion act Throb and most notably avant-rock band The Observatory. After seven albums with The Observatory, Dharma went on to pursue his current practice as a solo musician working with varied musicians in the context of free improvisation. Through the years, Dharma has developed a unique sense and approach of playing the guitar using extended techniques and prepared guitar with objects and effects. His guitar no longer just plays notes and chords, but conjures forth colours, textures and even beats.

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