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West African Drumming and Music Workshop

Djembe Singapore Club and N'Faly Kouyate (Singapore, Guinea)
21 & 22 Apr 2018Sat & Sun
1hr 30mins
Esplanade Recital Studio


Registration required.
Registration opens 21 Mar 2018

This presentation showcases the percussive and melodious elements of West African mandingue music through the djembe (a wooden drum with goat skin) and kora (a traditional African string instrument).

About Djembe Singapore Club
Djembe Singapore Club is a community of aficionados who meet up regularly to learn West African djembe drumming. Weekly classes have been running since 2005 with occasional workshops which feature guest artists. Classes and performance repertoire include traditional drumming songs from the highlands and the forest regions of West Africa.

About Fanka Fellas
Fanka Fellas are a group of djembe percussionists who studied traditional drumming extensively and are responsible for influencing the djembe movement in most parts of Asia.

About N’Faly Kouyate
Known as the “Jimi Hendrix” of Kora, N’Faly Kouyaté is a multi-talented artist who comes from a deeply traditional background. As the son of the famous “Konkoba” Kabinet Kouyaté from Guinea, he was brought up as a griot (a West African historian, storyteller, worship singer, poet and/or musician), an ambassador of the Mandingo culture. A griot (which in the Mandinka language translates to “blood of the society”) is considered to be a living library, a history teller, counsellor to the king and the population. The Grammy-nominated musician, N’Faly was also named Ambassador of the Intercultural Dialogue and winner of the Guinée Music Award in Belgium in 2012.

General Advisory

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