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Cham – Masked Dances of Tibet

Mangtro Monastery, Ladakh (India)
20 & 21 Apr 2018 Fri & Sat
Fri: 7.30pm & 8.30pm
(Esplanade Courtyard)

Sat: 8.15pm
(Esplanade Outdoor Theatre)
20 Apr 2018 : 7.30pm & 8.30pm
21 Apr 2018 : 8.15pm

The picturesque Mangtro (Matho) Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist institution perched on a hill in Ladakh, overlooking what some call the Last Shangri-la. Established in 1410, it is the home of two legendary oracles that make an appearance in the festival of Nagrang, held on the 15th day of the first month of Tibetan calendar. During this auspicious occasion, monks perform dance ceremonies known as cham.

The dance’s colourful masks, regal costumes and broad movements belie an esoteric, mystical aspect only revealed to initiated practitioners. Performed to a ceremonial ensemble of long horns, cymbals and drums, each carries different meanings: some to appease and delight the deities, others to subdue evil. It is believed that having the fortune to witness the cham dance brings blessings and clears obstacles from the path of life.

The monks of the Mangtro Monastery will perform three cham dances.

20 Apr, Fri, Esplanade Courtyard
7.30pm: Deer Dance, Warrior Dance
8.30pm: Bhikshu (Monk) Dance, Deer Dance

21 Apr, Sat, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
8.15pm: Warrior Dance

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