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Call of the Dawn: Gregorian Chants

Schola Cantorum Sancti Gregorii Magni (Singapore)
21 Apr 2018Sat
Esplanade Concourse

The Gregorian chant, which originated in Rome in the seventh century, is considered to be one of the oldest manifestations of Western music and the first of its kind to evolve musical notation into what we have today.

During the season of Eastertide (the period after Easter), the Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, his appearances after the resurrection, his ascension to heaven, and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It is a period of rejoicing most obviously marked by the extensive use of the acclamation, “Alleluya”.

Join Singapore’s only Gregorian chant group Schola Cantorum Sancti Gregorii Magni in a contemplative morning as they present the Lady Mass during Eastertide.

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