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Ssitgimgut: Ceremony for the Departed

Chae Soo Jung (Korea)
22 & 23 Apr 2017
Sat & Sun
Sat: 9.15pm
Sun: 6.30pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Shamanistic ceremonies in Korea varied from region to region, serving the communities through different rituals that are also more and more recognised as important cultural expressions involving music and dance.

In Korea, religious practices vary from region to region. In Jindo Island, southern Korea, a solemnly beautiful ritual called ssitgimgut is performed to comfort and bid farewell to the departed. It is performed by an ivory robed shaman priestess, accompanied by dance and music.

Ssitgimgut will be performed by pansori master Chae Soo Jung and master musicians from Korea National University of Arts.

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