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Sound Healing with Singing Bowls

Shima Healing (Japan, Singapore)
22 & 23 Apr 2017
Sat & Sun
Sat: 6pm
Sun: 5.30pm
22 Apr 2017 : 6pm
23 Apr 2017 : 5.30pm
1hr 30mins
Esplanade Rehearsal Studio

Discover the therapeutic effects of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, a type of bell that rings with a warm and resonant tone when sounded. Learn the history of these singing bowls and their traditional usage in meditation, holistic work and even how they can be used in music. You will also have a chance to experience a 30min sound journey at the end of the workshop.

About Shima Healing
Founded by Akiko Igarashi, Shima Healing is a collective of independent holistic wellness practitioners and sound healing enthusiasts trained in Tibetan singing bowls. Each practitioner specialises in different healing modalities and holistic arts.

Things To Note

General Advisory

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