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Qasidah: Islamic Devotional Poetry

Ikhwanul Muntaqa (Singapore)
21 – 23 Apr 2017
Fri – Sun
Fri: 10pm
Sat: 8pm
Sun: 7.45pm
21 Apr 2017 : 10pm
22 Apr 2017 : 8pm
23 Apr 2017 : 7.45pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Dating back to pre-Islamic Arabia, qasidah is one of the oldest and most revered forms of poetry in the Islamic world. This form spread across Persia, Africa, Asia and Spain, and in certain places, it was written in exaltation of kings, to profess love, and provide political commentary.

About Ikhwanul Muntaqa

Ikhwanul Muntaqa is a group of 10 youth whose paths crossed at Mydin Mosque. Regardless of their diverse backgrounds, their passion for music—especially that of the sacred qasidah—has formed a strong bond between them.

In Arabic, “Ikhwanul” means “brotherhood” and “Muntaqa” means “the chosen one”, a word occasionally used to refer to the Prophet Muhammad. The group aspires to spread the message of peace and brotherhood.

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