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Pre-Islamic Carpets and Textiles from Eastern Lands

Imran Abid Mir (Singapore)
23 Apr 2017Sun

Learn about the world’s oldest and most valuable carpets and textile fragments from Iran, China and Central Asia, from the second to seventh century pre-Islamic period. Woven by skilled artisans using materials that range from silk to goat hair, their colourful and intricate animal, floral and geometric motifs are a testament to the rich imagination and legendary splendour of a forgotten age.

Join Imran Abid Mir as he traces the history of carpet-weaving back to the Sassanian and Sogdian civilisations, and shares fascinating stories of how they survived and were later discovered.

About Imran Abid Mir

Imran Abid Mir of Lotto Carpets Gallery has been in the carpet industry since he was seven. He has a keen interest in the know-how and artistry of carpet-weaving and, together with his brother Noman, makes up the sixth generation of the Lotto Carpets family. When asked what about the carpet business is so appealing to him, he admits that he was inspired and awestruck by the history, heritage and beauty of each carpet. Imran’s zeal for carpet-weaving extends to educating the public about the devotion and expertise that goes into each creation.

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