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Korean Shamanistic Music

Chae Soo Jung (Korea)
21 Apr 2017Fri
7.15pm & 8.15pm
7.15pm & 8.15pm
Esplanade Concourse

With a history that dates back 5,000 years, shamanism is the oldest indigenous religion in Korea. Fundamentally, it is the belief that humans are at one with nature and that every object in the world possesses a soul. In the spirit world, all kinds of supernatural beings, celestial bodies, and gods help guide the living, even cure afflictions.

Witness the beauty of Korean shamanistic music in these sessions performed by master musicians from Korea National University of Arts.


채수정 蔡水晶 Soojung Chae
서예우 徐汭佑 Yewoo Seo
서정숙 徐貞淑 Jungsook Seo
김동국 金東國 Dongguk Kim
지명인 池銘寅 Myeongin Ji
소민영 蘇敏怜 Minyoung So
배현아 裵睍娥 Hyuna Bae
박정진 朴正鎭 Jungjin Park
윤호세 尹虎世 Hose Yoon

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