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Call of the Dawn: Thai Buddhist Chants

Chanters of the Thai Monastic Community (Singapore, Thailand)
23 Apr 2017Sun
Esplanade Concourse

Chanting is a part of the daily life of Thai Buddhist monks, who begin with morning prayers at the start of the day, and end with evening prayers at dusk. They are also carried out during special occasions, for the marking of annual celebrations, bestowing blessings on believers, and granting peace to the departed. Experienced monks are expected to recite various chants from memory—some are known to so with discipline and speed, while others are known for reciting beautifully.

Part of the repertoire includes a set of protective texts called parittas. Written in the ancient language of Pali, parittas are believed to grant listeners protection from harm—physical or spiritual—and bestow good fortune.

Join the ordained chanters of the Thai Monastic Community in Singapore as they start the morning at A Tapestry of Sacred Music with calming and tranquil parittas.

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