Things To Do

On any given day at Esplanade, you can get a sense of how many have come to use this space. There’s hardly a typical day here.

On some mornings, you'll see joggers running along the waterfront, while others lounge on benches, taking in the view. Inside, school children clatter through the corridors, worksheets in hand. On another sunny afternoon, a group of business men emerge hurriedly from one of the restaurants, while an elderly couple settle in for tea and cake at a cafe next door. And on weekends, families flock to the centre to hang out, have a meal or catch a free performance.

You might also come across a mother shopping leisurely as her child finger-paints in class at the arts studio. Upstairs, a lone visitor decides to get a massage here on his rest day. Some students pause thoughtfully at the visual arts installations on the way to the library for performing arts resources. At the entrance, tourists pose against Esplanade and the city skyline for a perfect shot.

In the evenings, the centre buzzes with activity and excitement, as artists take the stage at the Concourse or Outdoor Theatre, performing for audiences or passers-by from all walks of life. Outside the Theatre and Concert Hall, more gather eagerly in anticipation of the performance they will be enjoying in a few minutes. Later in the night, arts-goers stream out of the performance venues, chattering happily about what they had just witnessed – a rich, traditional Asian art form, head-thumping rock music, a soothing classical orchestral piece, or a stirring work of contemporary dance.

So you see; Esplanade is so much more than an arts centre. With lifestyle offerings from food and beverage to shopping and services, free spaces for you to rest your feet, and an unbeatable view of the city, your arts experience is anything but ordinary.