About Esplanade&Me

When the arts receives strong support from the people it serves, it thrives and grows. It’s been more than a decade since we officially opened our doors and we’ve thrived and grown—together with the Singapore arts scene, with the support of our fellow arts lovers—as an arts centre for everyone.

31,000 performances, 22 million arts goers and a decade later, things are changing quicker than ever before. In evolving with the dynamism of the arts scene and meeting the needs of fellow arts lovers, we’re not only physically refreshing the arts centre, but also engaging more community segments in society through the arts—from students to senior citizens; from underprivileged groups to grassroots organisations.

As we find new ways to bring the arts closer to you, we want to get to know you better too. That’s how the Esplanade&Me programme came about; it’s an opportunity for us to grow our relationship with you, as you strengthen your relationship with the arts.

It's more than a card for arts lovers; it’s a special pass to experience the arts, to go behind the scenes, a way to support the arts—an opportunity for everyone to be involved, be engaged and be entertained. It’s an invitation to get closer to the arts and a chance for us to get to know each other.

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What's in a name?

Esplanade&Me is about growing new relationships and building on the ones we've developed over the years. The "&" (ampersand) was chosen as a key element and customised to represent the concept of a two-way relationship and a sense of unity, as we move forward in a fast-changing arts landscape.

Have you noticed the small triangles within the ampersand? Do they look familiar? They should! Because these graphic elements are in fact inspired by the architectural cladding of Esplanade, our "durian spikes". Not only do these elements add onto the Esplanade brand, they also create a dimensional effect on the "&", making this key visual more pleasing to the eye.