Our Spaces

Some theatres offer a stage. Others aspire to offer more. They build a bridge from the auditorium to distant planets, inviting their audience on a journey of unlimited possibility. Tonight I have the opportunity to play in such a theatre, to present my team from half the world away. And for that dearest Esplanade, I'm deeply grateful. Soumik Datta, composer and musician, King of Ghosts at Kalaa Utsavam, Nov 2016

Annexe Studio

Located next to Esplanade Mall, the Annexe Studio is a raw and flexible two-storey space, suitable for artist residencies and development programmes, rehearsals, workshops and masterclasses. Converted from a dance club, the studio is another versatile performance venue in Esplanade.

Bay Room

Also used as a hospitality space for private events, the Bay Room is also a cosy venue for some of our programmes and workshops.

Roof Terrace

Dubbed as one of the best locations to take in the breathtaking view of Marina Bay, the Roof Terrace is a popular spot among Singaporeans and foreign visitors. There is landscaping with manicured lawns, shrubbery and small trees, complemented by seating areas, so that visitors can rest or find the perfect photo opportunity.

The Edge

With the Marina Bay waterfront as its backdrop, The Edge is an open-air space often used for festivals and special events and is suitable for medium or large-scale performances.

Forecourt Garden

Our twin domes now sit amid lush greenery as the roomy expanse of our entrance has been transformed into a wild garden landscape. Here, you'll find the Gelam Tree, Sea Tristania, Yellow Rain Tree (which line most of the roads in Singapore), and Rainbow Gum Tree with its colourful bark. Along the pathways, you’ll see tall grasses that were once found in kampongs. Rest on the wooden benches, admire the minimalist water features and take in the scents and colours of 26 plant species that help enhance our garden’s biodiversity.

Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

This is the only dedicated visual arts exhibition space at Esplanade, which features a dramatic view of Marina Bay. Located on the second floor, it is unique for its distinctively curved gallery with louvered windows. Singapore and international artists have shown their works here. Some have explored the uniqueness of this space through creating site-specific works.


The Concourse, fronting the main entrance to Esplanade, is a central meeting point for many visitors to the centre. The flexible space is often home to captivating visual arts installations and in the evenings, the Concourse transforms into a performing space for talented amateur, semi-professional and professional artists from Singapore and around the world.


This 85-metre long passageway connects the centre to Citylink Mall and City Hall MRT, allowing visitors easy access to Esplanade. To enhance one's journey to the arts centre, the Tunnel often showcases visual arts installations and creative works. These exhibitions and installations are updated regularly.


Located at the Upper Concourse, Passages is an exhibition space that is open to the public. Visit the exhibition to find out more about Esplanade's history and its place in the development of the arts in Singapore.


Accompanying Passages, TributeSG is an exhibition space that honours pioneers who have contributed significantly to the development of the arts in Singapore—featuring the arts community’s most senior members, with a focus on those in the performing arts.

Find out more about TributeSG

Festival Corner

Designed as a flexible space that caters to the changing character of the festivals and series that happen here all year round, the Festival Corner is a welcoming public area that hosts a wide range of events and activities. You can expect anything from workshops and talks, exhibitions and meet-the-artists sessions in this cosy space at the Concourse.

Theatre Street Cones

Theatre Street is the passageway between the Esplanade Mall and the Concourse. Lining this street are Skylight Cones, which allow sunlight to pass through and function as unusual exhibition spaces for visual arts.

Community Wall

Located at Level 3, the Community Wall showcases visual arts exhibitions by artists.