Engaging the Community

Reaching out and touching lives

As a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving the community, our outreach efforts ensure that we share the joy of the arts with those who might not have the opportunity. Our mission is to bring the arts closer to the lives of different community members – to entertain, engage, educate and inspire them.

Underserved communities are a key area of focus for Esplanade's community engagement efforts. We aspire to provide a meaningful and transformative arts-based experience, where engaged participants are in a better place or "state" because of the activities we have planned.

We conduct a variety of arts-based activities for Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), reaching out to children, youth, seniors and those with special needs. If you're interested in supporting our community engagement programmes, do get in touch with us.

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1. Performances at Esplanade

We regularly invite members of our VWO communities to attend both ticketed and non-ticketed performances here so that they too, can experience the arts.

"It was a wonderful evening of great entertainment. It was a new experience in a grand concert setting for the elderly, Halimah and me. From the warm reception, the great viewing seats and great service in attending to our every needs with your patience from beginning to end, the evening was simply perfect. We at PERTAPIS Home will remember it for a long time."

– Mohd Salleh, Administrator, PERTAPIS Senior Citizen Home at An Evening with Sheila Majid & Harvey Malaihollo

2. Arts Workshops

In conjunction with Esplanade's calendar of events throughout the year, we bring a variety of arts-based workshops spanning many art forms to our VWOs. These include handicraft such as calligraphy or clay-making as well as performing arts-based activities such as gamelan music-making and shadow puppetry.

"Besides gaining exposure to another culture and its musical instruments, our children also learnt to co-ordinate in rhythm. Yet, the most beautiful part was when they each played their parts and came in together harmoniously to make a melodious tune. It showed our children the power and beauty of teamwork."

– Chan Soon Jun, Acting Supervisor, Care Corner Students Care Centre (Toa Payoh), at A Tapestry of Sacred Music, Gamelan Workshop

3. Flagship Projects

We believe in collaborating with our community partners to provide more sustainable arts programmes for their beneficiaries. Therefore, we offer longer-term arts programmes to VWOs who are keen to incorporate a performing arts activity into their regular curriculum.

Footwork for Community

When words fail, dance speaks: This project aims to provide those facing life challenges with an opportunity for a deeper engagement with dance as an art form. We hope it becomes a possible means of expressing the issues that they are facing.

"The project was an excellent programme for our students, many of whom would not have the opportunity to learn dance on their own, let alone from professional dance instructors engaged by the Esplanade. The kids gained much, not only in learning dance, but also in working as a team... to co-ordinate their steps as they were not dancing alone, to give and take as there were inevitably different dynamics in a group setting. Though the kids started off with stage fright, they decided to perform during the Teachers' Day Concert! Through this project, they formed a new group identity, with new friendships forged, and another group of friends (with similar interests) they can 'grow' with, turn to, and lean on for support when they need – this is my wish for them, that they will have fond memories of dancing (and achieving) together, and will be able to have another resource for support."

– Linda Lee, School Counsellor, Shuqun Secondary School

Sing out Loud!

Show A-Capella: Singing can be a great "detox" for body, mind and soul. This project aims to provide an outlet for participants to hone their passion for singing. It offers opportunities for participants to learn new vocal techniques, expand creative energy and boost their confidence through stage performance. We hope that the performing elements of this uplifting programme will also enhance character development by encouraging self-discipline, diligence, self-expression and teamwork.

"I’m very thankful and grateful that you’ve made this workshop graciously available to us seniors. I am also touched by your (instructor’s) dedication and patience with us. You’ve made it so easy and simple for us to learn singing and at the same time also made it very enjoyable and interesting so that we want more sessions with you. Thank you.”

– Paul, elderly participant, PEACE-Connect Seniors Activity Centre