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EveryBody Workshops (Adults & Kids)

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6 – 14 Apr 2024

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Esplanade Rehearsal Studio

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A great way for adults to bond and have fun learning together with a little child from 6 to 12 years old.


Since 2023, Esplanade’s beloved dance platform, da:ns festival transforms into da:ns focus, an exciting year-round season of five themed weekends of distinct focuses. Some of the da:ns focus weekends are accompanied by introductory dance workshops for all ages!  


To kickstart da:ns focus 2024/25, on 6, 7, 13 & 14 April, we have 24 sessions of EveryBody dance workshops leading up to EveryBody, a weekend of dance which challenges conventions by presenting high quality works and experiences focusing on inclusivity, diversity and participation, where we encourage everybody and every body to experience dance. 


With genres ranging from Hip Hop to Lindy Hop, K-pop to party moves, come on down and pick up your next favourite move with us!


This workshop is specially designed for young ones aged 6-12 years old. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. Accompanying adult must be 16 years old and above.


Please dress comfortably for the workshop.

Admission Age:
6 and above.
Language: English
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Workshop Information

About the workshop

Brazil’s national dance exudes a joyful expression as it reflects the many differences in the cultural roots and influences that give Latin music and dance its multifaceted character. It is an extremely lively and rhythmic dance known for its strong hip action, rhythm and bounce.


About Melvin Tan

Starting at the tender age of nine, Melvin has represented Singapore in numerous championships worldwide. He recognises how DanceSport can be the best form of enrichment in one's life to develop facets of themselves they never knew. 


With over a decade’s worth of experience, Melvin has developed distinctive qualities which make his teaching technique so successful. In training children, youths and adults at all levels of artistic learning, he is able to harness a good sense of musicality and rhythm in everyone.


About The DanceSport Academy

Recognised for its specialised training in Latin and standard ballroom, The DanceSport Academy (TDA) is one of the highly regarded dance academies in Singapore. With an extensive repertoire, the academy provides students with a progressive learning environment combined with unparalleled focus and rigour.


Under the direction of national DanceSport champions Melvin and Sharon, TDA has become a distinct institution of artistic opportunities. The academy is a dynamic hub that focuses on dance creativity and proper techniques in an environment that provides work-life balance, health and fitness awareness, confidence and self-esteem. 

About the workshop

Dancehall has always played a big part in Jamaica’s music and dance cultures ̶ the latest dance moves are showcased together with the latest music in the street parties of Jamaica.


In this introductory workshop, EV Dance will be sharing some of the iconic moves of dancehall like the flow, the groove and most importantly, the waistline.


So come soak in the fun of this genre!


About Djimi

Djimi has been practicing dancehall for more than 10 years and is one of the pioneers in the Singapore dancehall community. His vast knowledge of the genre and culture is much respected across the community, and this passion is evident in his teaching.


About EV Dance

Established in 2009, EV Dance has been on a mission to educate and inspire through creative exchange between artists, audiences and academia. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, EV Dance has guided and inspired individuals to evolve through movement with their diverse range of fitness, commercial and street dance styles. 


Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting out, EV Dance offers classes that cater to various skill levels and interests. Their experienced instructors provide personalised attention and support to help students achieve their dance goals. 

About the workshop

Dancehall evolved in response to body movements to reggae, an African Caribbean style of music first developed in Jamaica in the 1960s. A style heavily featuring body isolations and percussive hip movements, dancehall is inspired by elements of reggae; however, its music and moves have become popular over time, evolving into its own genre. Come train your stamina and body groove with dancehall!


About Madhu Nisa

Madhu has been dancing since the age of nine, dabbling in different dance styles from modern and classical (namely Malay and Indian dance) to street styles such as hip hop and dancehall. She is an eager learner with an affinity to rhythm, love for music and a creative ability to express herself through movement. Currently, she is an instructor with O School teaching Dancehall Foundations and Level 1 open classes.


About O School

O School is a performing arts centre, established as a social enterprise in 2006 under the purview of MCCY with Institution of A Public Character (IPC) status effective from 21 November 2016.


O School aims to identify and develop youth dance talents and help grow the Singapore dance market, in order to help these talents build sustainable careers. To this end, O School has consistently developed various dance curriculums, coached institutional dance teams, as well as produced national and international events. In addition, O School also believes in developing the arts scene in Singapore by creating events to develop and showcase talents. O School has been actively creating avenues for dance enthusiasts to showcase their skills and techniques.

About the workshop

Designed for children aged six to 12, Make A Dance Show! by Rolypoly Family will bring families on an adventure of, well, making a dance show together. Whether you have lots of experience with dance or have never joined a dance class before, everyone will get busy creating. Our hope is that everyone will leave feeling more confident about their own creativity, and enriched by the many ways people can dance and move to express their inner worlds.


About the Instructors

Faye and Bernice


About Rolypoly Family

Rolypoly Family stretches our experience of dance and play—centred in delight, respect and safety. We create communal dance experiences to honour and celebrate every person.


Established in 2018, Rolypoly Family, led by Faye Lim and Bernice Lee, provides a safe, respectful and imaginative space for children and families to dance and play. With extensive professional backgrounds in performing, creating and teaching, Faye and Bernice incorporate their love for dance and movement, with their expertise in facilitation and pedagogy, in Rolypoly Family’s classes and programmes. They believe that playing and dancing are important components of life, and in our modern society inundated with tech and instant gratification, children and families can benefit from more playing and dancing. 


The Rolypoly Family name is a statement of these beliefs—that families come in all shapes and sizes, that kinship can grow through creative and physical play (yes, rolling!), and that rhyming is as fun in language as in dance.

About the workshop

Swing by and learn some basic partnered and solo dance steps from the swing era, including the Fall off the Log and the Boogie walks! Have fun while you interact with your child with some call-and-response fun at this workshop!


About Sinclair Ang

Sinclair Ang has been teaching and performing internationally in over 20 countries for over a decade and a half. He is the founder of the jazz collective Jazz Inc.


About Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee started swing dancing in 2014 and has taught and performed with Jazz Inc since 2016. She also trained and performed with Kansas City’s 627 during her stint in the USA. 


About Jazz Inc

Jazz Inc is a collective founded by jazz educator Sinclair Ang. Together with his team of teachers, they conduct classes for both adults and children. The dancers have performed in different media and contexts, including dance documentaries and commercials, talk shows and on stage, at festivals like Esplanade’s Jazz in July and da:ns festival, SMU Arts Festival, as well as for the nation on National Day with the Dim Sum Dollies. Jazz Inc provides a holistic approach to jazz education, including demo-lectures on the history and development of jazz dance and music, and bringing traditional swing tunes to the contemporary audience with the swing dance band The Rhythmakers.

About the workshop

Dive into a world of fun and learning with our Interactive Kids Dance Class! Watch your little ones expand their motor and observation skills through delightful dance steps. It's not just a class; it's a rhythmic adventure of joy and discovery!


About Benjamin Yeo 

Benjamin's journey into the world of dance commenced at the tender age of 16. What started as a simple hobby has since blossomed into a profound passion, propelling him to new heights in the realm of dance and arts culture. Beyond the sheer joy of dancing, he takes immense pleasure in uniting people and fostering a deep appreciation for the art form and its cultural significance. Consequently, he has curated and organised his own street dance battle competition, Inter School Origins, specially crafted for younger generations of dancers for exchange and experience. 


A pivotal milestone in Benjamin's dance expedition occurred when he became an integral part of the renowned NOOOICE! Dance crew. Together with his talented crew members, he embarked on a remarkable competition journey, culminating in an astounding victory at the esteemed Singapore Dance Delight Vol.7 in 2017. This extraordinary feat not only earned them the championship but also bestowed upon them the honor of representing Singapore at the prestigious Japan Dance Delight that same year.


About Noooice! Academy

Established in 2021, Noooice! Academy is one of Singapore's first crew studios and is known in Singapore and the region for its exceptional dance training. 


From experienced professional dancers with impressive careers to some of the most sought-after choreographers in the industry, our teachers are dedicated to ensuring quality in all aspects of dance.


Noooice! Academy has a large variety of classes for every skill level from beginner to professional. Whether you are interested in a career in dance or looking to have some fun through a great form of exercise, we have a class that’s right for you.

About the workshop

Learn the basics of Broadway dance with moves like kicks, pas de bourres and leaps. Broadway steps are powerful, sharp and dynamic. End off the workshop with a fun choreography sequence with your child! Come in jazz attire or comfortable tee shirt, tights and socks or dance shoes.


About Sarah Smith

Sarah first started teaching back in 2007, in kindergartens and studio kids’ classes. Since then she has gone on to teach primary and secondary school programmes and CCAs, and has sent several schools for multiple competitions. While she started with a background in ballet, Sarah has moved on to train in several other genres of dance, such as jazz, contemporary, hip hop, salsa, lindy hop and the Charleston. She firmly believes that her job as a dance educator is to ensure kids have a fun and safe environment to explore body movement, using her background in different genres to give them the fullest opportunity to discover their own way of moving.


About Denise Lwin Dance

Denise Lwin Dance is a collective of teachers passionate about spreading the love of dance. We use storytelling and imagery to present ideas and provide a positive environment for students to grow.

About the workshop

Unleash your inner K-pop star. Have a blast as you move and groove to the hottest K-pop dance tunes. Build confidence, make friends and create memories through dance!


About Lee Wen

Lee Wen was part of Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s hip hop club also known as New Revolving Age (NRA) where she served as the Dance Captain in 2018-2019. While serving her term, she choreographed several performances for the club as well as items for NRA’s student production, Surge: The Knots. 


She has competed in Super24 2018 and 2019 under NRA and clinched 2nd place with Orion in World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2019 and Juvenile in Jambouree 2018. Lee Wen has been with Danz People since February 2020 teaching Girls Style and Open Choreography to adults and youth, as well as a faculty member of the kids’ department teaching kids from 4-12 years of age.


Her goal is to provide a safe and conducive platform for dancers to grow, learn and express themselves.


About Danz People

Danz People makes dance accessible to young people and adults through dance training, arts education and community outreach programmes. Our mission is to create quality dance programmes, provide dance education opportunities to the public, encourage collaboration within the dance community, and speak of the importance of the arts in our lives.


Danz People’s curriculum includes hip hop, jazz and contemporary, catering to children and adults as well as seasoned and novice dancers, with courses for beginners too. A recital is staged annually to allow all students to experience performing in a theatre setting, and to grow in more ways than one. 


Danz People is committed to the education of dance through our extensive curriculum and experience; we look forward to sharing our love of dance with you!

Date & Time

6 Apr 2024, Sat


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
It’s Samba Time! by The DanceSport Academy


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Introduction to Dancehall by EV Dance

7 Apr 2024, Sun


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Dancehall by O School


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Make A Dance Show! by Rolypoly Family

13 Apr 2024, Sat


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Swing Kids by Jazz Inc (Cancelled)


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
See! Feel & Dance! By Noooice! Academy

14 Apr 2024, Sun


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Broadway by Denise Lwin Dance


Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Kids K-pop by Danz People
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  • 1 Adult + 1 Child (per session)

  • 2 Adults + 1 Child or 1 Adult + 2 Children (per session)

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