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PLAYtime! Imagination Station – Digital Experience (For schools only)

An Esplanade Production

29 May – 4 Sep 2022

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2hr 45mins (Free and easy)


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About the Event

Bring the PLAYtime! experience straight into your classrooms with our special Digital Experience! Specially designed for pre-schools in collaboration with artists and educators to support curriculum objectives, receive exclusive access to a lesson plan strongly grounded in arts pedagogy.

Discover innovative ways your students can experience the magic of the arts with our unique craft, movement and music-based activities supported by audio and video resources. Written by educators for educators, the lessons are designed so that you can adapt and accommodate to the different learning styles and needs of your students in the classroom. End your lessons on a sweet note with a performance recording of Together.


About Imagination Station

Meet Jamie! Jamie is a child that doesn’t seem to belong anywhere. Shy, awkward and quirky, Jamie is always in his own world. His keen dislike of strangers makes it difficult for mummy to help him.


One day, Jamie’s world is thrown upside down as he accidentally finds himself aboard an MRT headed to Imagination Station, a place where only imaginary friends go. The train has broken down! Lost and out of his comfort zone, Jamie now must find his own way home. Meeting a few silly characters along the way and some familiar characters from his past, Jamie has to find it in himself to be brave and ask for help. He begins a journey to get the train back in action so he can head home.


Join Jamie as he finds the courage to tackle these new challenges and realise that he is stronger than he thinks he is.


Imagination Station is a theatre performance that features a diverse cast of performers. Through Jamie, the production encourages the little ones to learn how to deal with changes as bravely as they can.

Limited to 5 views only.
Recommended Age: 3 to 6
Language: English
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Date and Time

On Demand

29 May – 4 Sep 2022

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Price $300

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