Esplanade Presents


Squad Game

Jump Rope Federation Singapore, KA Kreative by Kalari Academy & SG Cheer Force (Singapore)

28 Apr 2024, Sun, 7pm & 8.30pm


(Intermission: None)

DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade

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Celebrating the passion and vitality of youths, young members from Jump Rope Federation Singapore, KA Kreative by Kalari Academy and SG Cheer Force take to the stage with performances that spotlight different disciplines, skills, and forms of creative expression with fiery team spirits!


Jump Rope Federation Singapore

Catch our very own Singapore jump rope athletes perform fancy jump rope tricks to the latest hit songs.


The Jump Rope Federation Singapore performing team is a dynamic and talented group dedicated to showcasing the artistry and athleticism of jump rope. With precision, coordination, and flair, they captivate audiences with their high-energy routines and impressive skills. Comprising individuals passionate about the sport, the team trains rigorously to perfect their techniques, incorporating single rope, Chinese wheel, long rope and double dutch as well as cooperating gymnastics and calisthenic moves into their performances. Their routines are not only visually stunning but also demonstrate the discipline and teamwork that is essential to jump rope success.


KA Kreative by Kalari Academy

Experience an epic battle from the Ramayana, brought to life by The Kalari Academy's captivating showcase infusing storytelling with martial arts. Facing the mighty Ravana and his Asura army, Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana forge a powerful alliance with the Vanara clan, proto-humanoids known for their exceptional strength and agility.


SG Cheer Force

Get ready to be thrilled by gravity defying stunts and acrobatic flips as the cheerleaders from Cheer Force Singapore bring you a performance showcasing the vibrancy and youthfulness of cheerleading.


No tickets will be issued. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Language: English
Things to Note:
Accessibility Advisory: We provide a range of access services and relaxed performances for patrons with access needs. For wheelchair-accessible seats, please call Esplanade Customer Experience at 6828 8377 for assistance. Concessions for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) and up to one accompanying companion are available. | View our accessibility guide
Artist Information

Jump Rope Federation Singapore

Instagram | Facebook

Jump Rope Federation Singapore is the national federation for jump rope/ rope skipping with a mission to promote and grow the sport in Singapore.

KA Kreative by Kalari Academy

Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

The Kalari Academy fosters a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for students to learn the ancient martial arts of Kalaripayattu, Silambattam and Adimurai. Their curriculum is clear and structured, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of these art forms.


Beyond the classroom, The Kalari Academy breathes life into these traditions through their creative wing, K A Kreative where martial arts are incorporated as storytelling tools into plays to create captivating performances. This unique approach not only entertains but also fosters a deeper appreciation for these cultural treasures. The group has previously performed at In Youthful Company 2019 and presented programmes at two editions of Kalaa Utsavam in 2017 and 2018.

SG Cheer Force

Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

We are the Cheerleaders of Cheer Force Singapore, a diverse ensemble comprising individuals from all walks of life, including students, nurses, personal trainers, engineers, and more! Most members have been with Cheer Force for 1 to 2 years, starting off at the academy before joining the All-Star team that partakes in larger scale performances such as the Chingay Parade.

Date & Time

28 Apr 2024, Sun


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade


DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade

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