Esplanade Presents


Huayi Brewery

Alvin Chiam & Rei Poh (Singapore)

2 – 10 Feb 2023

1hr 30mins

(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Annexe Studio

This event is over.


The Huayi Brewery is a new incubation programme by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay that aims to provide support for and cultivate deeper relationships with independent artists creating works in the Chinese language medium, or creating multilingual work that has an emphasis on the use of the Chinese language. It is our hope that this process-driven programme will provide a fertile environment for independent artists to develop their artistic practice through an open-ended framework of support.


We kickstart the inaugural edition with a curated invitation of two experienced theatre practitioners from Singapore: Alvin Chiam and Rei Poh. 


Last can of luncheon meat

by Alvin Chiam

“The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


A man, 
a table, 
a pack of instant noodles, 
a can of luncheon meat, 
a cassette tape recorder. 
This is a journey of life, about reflection and forgiveness. 
When the present meets the past, perhaps the future becomes clear. 


The pandemic opened up time and space for solitude. 
Since the beginning of time, I have unconsciously explored loneliness; 
Only then did I realise that loneliness is ubiquitous, silently by our side since the day we were born… 
When change hits us, perhaps there is grief, remorse, or emptiness… 
Solitude will take us into her arms.  
A quiet world as such—some remain vanquished, some are redeemed, while some may still be waiting.




The Centre is a space where memories of an event called The Arrest is constantly being played out, as if in a haunting. A voice is heard, a woman passes through a plastic curtain, what is done can never be undone. This recurring performance takes place in a small rehearsal hall with multiple rooms such  as the storeroom, the pantry, and restrooms.


The leader of the Centre, Qiang, resides in a rehearsal room with fellow actors, leading them in a rehearsal of a controversial play. In that play, Qiang is tied up to a chair and strange figures question him, asking him to reconfirm his name again and again. Will he break or will he hang on?


Fluctuating between past and present in a fictional abandoned space, The Centre is provoking, experiential, playful and exciting, inviting players to relook and investigate notions of freedom, privacy and security. It is based on Tan Tarn How’s unpublished text, Acts (1992).  

Admission Age:
16 and above.
Language: Mandarin
Things to Note:
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Artist Information

Alvin Chiam

Since 1995, Alvin has been actively involved in Singapore theatre. For six years, he has worked for The Theatre Practice, a major bilingual theatre company of Singapore founded by the late and respected Kuo Pao Kun.


Taking up many different roles in the company as an actor, director and acting coach, Alvin’s theatre productions, performance and trainings have travelled to many different places, including Paris, London, China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


After working and understudying with many acclaimed directors in Asia which includes Stan Lai (Taiwan), Jim Chim (Hong Kong) and Fredric Mao (Hong Kong), in the year 2007, Alvin was awarded the Arts Professional Development Grant from the National Arts Council Singapore and went on to pursue his performing skills in Paris with the great master Philippe Gaulier.  


In 2009, Alvin graduated with distinction from E’cole Philippe Gaulier. After graduation, he took up the role as movement teacher and assistant professor in E’cole Philippe Gaulier. 


In 2013, Alvin is awarded the Arts Scholarship from the National Arts Council Singapore and went on to research and develop his theatre practice through an MA in Ensemble Theatre with the Rose Bruford College in London.  


In 2014, he graduated with a Master’s degree and took up the role of assistant teacher for the MA Ensemble programme in Rose Bruford College. 


In the past two decades, Alvin has also actively promoted performance teaching. He has held training workshops around the world, including Singapore, Paris, London, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, sharing unique performance skills and methods.       


ATTEMPTS is a collective that aims to engage and provoke, transforming the audience into players using participatory performances while providing a playground for like-minded artists to come on board to create their journeys. 

Rei Poh

Rei Poh is a committed participatory theatre practitioner, director and game designer, who believes in the power of theatre to transform. He is a proud graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts’ Master of Directing for Performance program. Rei has created thought-provoking participatory and forum theatre works like ATTEMPTS:SG, ATTEMPTS:MEL and《莎莎》Girl In the White Sand Box. Rei's recent projects include the showcase of DATING SIM (beta)—a participatory piece that experiments with video game-style narrative in Late Night Texting 2019 by CENTRE 42 and a video game performance in collaboration with The Doodle People titled Window.  

Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan Yun Xin is a bilingual actor, host and theatre maker based in Singapore. She is a part of ATTEMPTS and Impromptu Meetings. As a theatre maker, her interests lie in experimenting with various artisticforms as well as bringing as many people as possible into her world, either through play or mere observation. Her acting and directing credits include Impromptu Meetings's The Lobby, ATTEMPTS's Window and  LASALLE College of the Arts' The Insiders. 


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