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Theories of Motion

Andy Lim, Alina Ling, Zhuo Zihao, Yong Rongzhao, Justin Ong (Singapore)

13 Apr 2024, Sat, 8pm


(Intermission: None)

Esplanade Annexe Studio

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The project was conceived in the collaborative effort to understand motion through the lens of a movement artist, interactive designer & technologist, sound designer, and performance & technical director. Using technology to mediate the difference in perspectives, the project is an exploration into the blending of technology and dance. The inception of the project stemmed from the possibilities of coming together with different disciplines, to discover and align our “theories” of motion.


Deconstructing movement into its fundamental principles, the inception of collaboration is facilitated through a system of understanding movement by dance artist, Zhuo Zihao, and the interactive sensor-system designed to extract quantitative data from qualitative movements. Expressions in the form of sonic and visual output were developed and refined post-workshop, in which sensor placements were determined to collect input data. The final exploration combines the dancer, the system and the environment and sees how the expressions of movement can be transcended.


There will be a 30-minute guided tour of the Performing Arts x Tech Lab Industry Sharing exhibition after the event.


About the team:

Andy Lim, Performance & Technical Director

Alina Ling, Interactive Designer & Technologist

Zhuo Zihao, Movement Artist

Yong Rongzhao, Sound Designer

Justin Ong, Embedded Systems Designer & Technical Consultant

Language: English
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Artist Information

Andy Lim

With his minimalistic approach and dramaturgical integration of source material, Andy roots his process on design concepts based on research and a keen sensitivity to the history, present and future imbued and reflected in each individual project; his artistic intention always striving toward creating emotion - at once abstract and moving, when experienced. Operating from Singapore, his portfolio includes various genres like drama, dance, music and film, showcasing his versatility. In addition to light design, Andy also works as a technical director with ARTFACTORY, a technical production service company specialising in providing technical support for media art installations and performances.

Alina Ling


Alina Ling is an interactive designer that creates interfaces, installations and experiences that explore new dimensions of sensory perception. A graduate of School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, Ling pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media. Incorporating technology with different modalities, her multi-sensory works manipulate the physical and intangible to provide a deeper understanding of spatial constructs and perceptual experience.

Zhuo Zihao

Zihao’s journey began with Odyssey Dance Theatre (2000 - 2004). As a founding member of The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company, he contributed from 2008 to 2016 and has since held an Associate Artist position after transitioning into an Independent Dance Artist upon leaving T.H.E in 2016.


The 2012 Young Artist Award (Dance) recipient's work “Being,” with Dance In Situ (DIS), earned recognition as one of the “Best of The Year” pieces by Straits Time Life! in 2016.


His iconic creations include “Felt. Sense” (2013), a piece that blended of 3D video projection and live performers. He also produced 10 dance episodes for the National Arts Council’s “From the Living Room” Facebook series. Another noteworthy work is collaborative dance film “Half”, commissioned by the Esplanade Theatre by the Bay for the Huayi Festival 2022. The film, conceptualised and directed by award winning Royston Tan, in which Zihao performed and co-choreographed with his wife.


Zhuo Zihao remains a visionary dance artist, consistently pushing boundaries within the industry.

Yong Rongzhao

rongzhao, an audio engineer and sound designer, has collaborated with various musical and theater groups, including the London Sinfonietta and Ishinha. He has mixing credits on projects like “Electrico - B-sides Live at the Power Station" Additionally, he's involved in art installations such as "Tomás Saraceno: Arachnid Orchestra Jam Sessions." Beyond his career, rongzhao hopes to explore boundaries in sound design, aspiring to create memorable auditory experiences across diverse mediums.

Justin Ong

Justin builds embedded systems and enjoys the challenge of designing and building solutions to meet cost and performance objectives. Although he currently works in more traditional engineering fields, working with the arts industry provides a refreshingly different perspective on the use case and impact of his creations.

Date & Time

13 Apr 2024, Sat


Esplanade Annexe Studio

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