When Stars Align: Guided tours for Esplanade&Me U26 members

Let the stars guide you through these tour experiences inspired by the horoscope elements of fire, earth, air and water.


Each of these four elemental experiences has been adapted from existing Esplanade tours and accompanied by an activity such as architecture photography, painting a recyclable shopping bag and a vocal training session. Happening from Oct to Dec 2022, these four guided tour experiences are open to Esplanade&Me U26 members only.

Like the element itself, fire signs are feisty folks, who are typically spontaneous and brave. This tour experience satiates that boundless energy, taking you into our venues such as the Concert Hall, Theatre and other front-of-house spaces. Peppered with nuggets of riveting facts about Esplanade’s history and architecture, this tour experience will get the fire sign’s imagination all fired up. All this creative energy can be released in a design-and-colour session that completes the tour experience, in which you can personalise your own reusable bag.

Grounded and practical, the Earth sign is also a master at experiencing the finer things in life. This tour affords the best of both worlds. Not only does one gain an understanding of the world-class acoustics of the Esplanade Concert Hall and how it adapts to different types of performances, participants also get to visit the organ loft for a closer look at the largest pipe organ in Singapore. Wrapping it up for the realist, seasoned photographers join the tour to provide practical tips on photography for architecture.

As the thinkers of the zodiac, the inquisitive air signs find great pleasure in analysing just about everything. What better way for these intellectual individuals to learn about Esplanade than through its inner workings and hidden secrets? This backstage tour will take participants to areas not often seen by the public, culminating in a view from the Esplanade stage itself. For the communicative and social sign, the experience is made complete with an introductory vocal training session at Lee Wei Song School Of Music, located at Esplanade Mall.

It’s a romance under the stars for the intuitive and emotional individual. The Night Tour takes one into Esplanade’s Concert Hall and Theatre, and to outdoor spots where the sensitive sign will be moved by dramatic views of our architecture and the Marina Bay waterfront. Through learning about Esplanade’s history and architecture, one is invited see the arts centre in a new light. For these nurturing souls, the experience is completed with a meal under the stars along the Esplanade waterfront, where one can take in the majestic views of the Singapore skyline.


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Tour Details

Date: Oct – Dec 2022

Duration: 1h 30mins

Admission for 17 – 26 years old

$35 per person.
Participation of the tour is only for Esplanade&Me U26 members.

For more information, email tour@esplanade.com or call 6828 8377 (12pm to 6pm daily).


Mask-wearing is optional. However, audiences are encouraged to continue to exercise responsibility and caution, such as wearing masks when in crowded places.

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