Sing Out Loud! Workshop for Social Service Professionals

Course Run: 7 Sep 2022
(Closing date for registration: 31 Aug 2022)
Course Run: 31 May 2023
(Closing date for registration: 15 May 2023)
Course Run: 21 Sep 2023
(Closing date for registration: 31 Aug 2023)
Course Run: 23 May 2024
(Closing date for registration: 26 Apr 2024)
Course Run: 7 Oct 2024
(Closing date for registration: 06 Sep 2024)
9am – 6pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatres On The Bay
Course Fees - Before GST: $180.00
Course Fees - After GST: $196.20

Sing Out Loud! Workshop (for Social Service Professionals) is a programme under the Esplanade Academy designed to equip and empower staff of Social Service Agencies (SSAs) with the skills and knowledge to run stimulating and engaging singing sessions for persons with dementia. This one-day programme draws from the core principles of Sing Out Loud!, an Esplanade community engagement programme conceptualised in partnership with Dementia Singapore in 2016. It will allow participants to gain.

  • An understanding of the person-centered approach in using music as a tool to engage persons with dementia
  • Effective music improvisation techniques
  • The practice of using percussion instruments, visual aids, and resources in their sessions

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