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Choreographers: Norisham Osman, Norhaizad Adam, Badarudin Hassan and Hasyimah Harith
22 – 24 Mar 2018Thu – Sat
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1hr 40mins (including 20min intermission)
Esplanade Theatre Studio
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No one will stop you. No one will chase you home. For now, you are free. So, let’s joget!

Four up-and-coming choreographers Norisham Osman, Norhaizad Adam, Badarudin Hassan and Hasyimah Harith present new works born out of their artistic dreams, doubts, worries and hopes. In collaboration with choreographer Susan Sentler as dramaturg, this joget presentation is influenced by traditional Malay dance practices and inspired by the everyday concerns of Singaporeans.

Be ready because the audience will not be allowed to sit still!

Choreographers’ & Dramaturg's Bio

Norisham Osman is the founder and artistic director of The Kaizen M.D. His strong foundation in tradition and aesthetics that gravitate towards the experimental makes for a crucial game-changer not only in the Malay dance circle but the performing arts industry as a whole.

Norisham actively practices and exposes himself to other art forms such as music and theatre, and participates in local and overseas festivals such as the ISI Surakarta’s World Dance Day’s 24 Hrs Non-Stop Dancing event in 2012 and Georgetown Festival in 2013.

His explorative nature places him in a good position for dialogue and collaboration with local artists such as Choy Ka Fai (SoftMachine) for a work-in- process presentation in 2013 produced by TheatreWorks, as well as overseas performers from Sanggar Seni Seulaweut, Aceh for The Path to Revival, a multi-disciplinary presentation which he produced and directed under The Kaizen M.D in November 2015 at the Malay Heritage Centre.

His involvement in the arts industry has garnered him notable achievements such as Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award (Merit) in 2015 and a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the M1–The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards 2016 for his role in Ma'ma Yong: About Nothing Much To Do.

Norisham stresses on the importance of process over product, and believes that such a mindset is important to push his craft to a higher level.

Norhaizad Adam is an emerging choreographer and dancer based in Singapore. He was trained as a traditional Malay dancer and is now practicing contemporary dance. His curiosity for dance and conceptualisation led him to explore the equilibrium between the traditional and the contemporary that is related to lifestyle. He desires to create works that connect, question and investigate the essence of human conditions and interventions. His works induce mind-altering and evocative moments that seem to linger on.

Norhaizad represented Singapore in a 24-hour dance performance for World Dance Day by Indonesia Arts Institution, Surakarta, in April 2014. He did a residency at ATLAS – Mapping Future Talents 2015, organised by ImPulstanz in Vienna, and at Oriantheatre’s Paris Summer Academy 2017. Other residencies include Cinemovement – a dance film lab in Hanoi and Hong Kong organised by Elysa Wendi and Jeremy Chua, and Southeast Asia Choreolab 2016, organised by Akiko Kitamura and Bilqis Hijjas at Rimbun Dahan in Kuala Lumpur.

He is the artistic director of P7:1SMA Ltd.

List of dance works:
Full-length – Belon, Ngopi (in production)
Site-specific – Kemas, Sago Lane, District 27, Masak², Bantal Busuk
Dance film – Before Nova, M

As a dancer/choreographer, Badarudin Hassan has been awarded top prizes in Malay dance competitions such as Fiestari and Juara Tari Riang Ria, organised by Cheng San CC and Serangoon CC MAEC respectively. His dance accolades include local and international acts under the People’s Association Talents and Era Dance Theatre Limited under the tutelage of Osman Abdul Hamid and Zairin Abdul Latiff. He was part of the ensemble that won Best Choreography at the 5th International Folklore Dance Festival 2010 held in Sabah. As a young choreographer, he won Best Choreography and emerged as champion two years in running at Juara Tari Riang Ria (2012/2013).

He is also trained hip hop street jazz and is exploring modern.

Badarudin Hassan produces choreographic works for several local institution/schools across all levels. He was appointed Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of ITE College West’s Artistari Gentari, where he produced and developed showcases and productions. His works have been featured as part of Pesta Raya from 2015–2017, and A Date With Friends. He has produced more then 50 works to date and hopes to further develop the capabilities of the student dancers in Artistari Gentari.

Hasyimah Harith is an arts practitioner trained in the Malay traditional form and contemporary practice. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree from Nanyang Technological University and a WSQ Diploma in Arts Management from Emily HillI Institute of Creative Enterprise.

At present, she is Managing Director (Company Manager) and a dance collaborator of P7:1SMA Ltd., founded by Norhaizad Adam in 2015 and supported by National Arts Council Singapore.

Currently, she is a dance instructor and serves in the core administrative committee of Azpirasi (2010–present).

She completed choreography masterclasses by Jakarta Institute of the Arts, conducted by dance masters Sukarji Sriman, Sentot Sudiharto, S. Trisapto, Wiwiek Sipala, and Benny Krisnawardi. She has also been under the tutelage of Azmi Juhari (Azpirasi), Osman Hamid (Era Dance theatre), Master Tom Ibnur (Indonesia), Piter Slayan (Indonesia), Norisham Osman (The Kaizen M.D.) and Norhaizad Adam (P7:1SMA). Hasyimah was selected to participate in da:ns lab – Dancing in a Landscape of Crisis as part of Esplanade’s da:ns festival 2017, curated by Daniel Kok.

Susan Sentler is a dance-maker/artist working as a choreographer, teacher, researcher, director, dramaturg and performer. She served as a senior lecturer at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance for 18 years and has taught globally in the field of dance for over 30 years. She has an ongoing collaboration with Dr Glenna Batson on avenues of imagery research. This interest in somatic practices and imagery underpins her pedagogic and overall artistic vision. She has also recreated works of choreographer Martha Graham while teaching at Trinity Laban as part of the BA2 module Historical Project, premiering Primitive Mysteries and Celebration in the UK. Susan has presented at numerous conferences and symposiums in Europe, USA and Asia. As a performer, she danced with the Martha Graham Ensemble, and in recent years, she returned to performing works by artists such as Tino Sehgal, Xavier le Roy and Jerome Bel (with the Candoco Dance Company) in the 2015 UK tour of The Show Must Go On as well as at the Festival d'Automne à Paris 2017. Susan’s practice is eclectic and multidisciplinary, with a distinct focus on site-specific/gallery/museum contexts, creating ‘responses’ to specific visual art works and exhibitions as well as durational installations using objects, sound, moving and still image, as well as the absence and presence of the performing body. Her work has been exhibited and performed in the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Singapore. In 2013, Susan earned a master’s degree in Creative Practice, professional practice pathway, awarded by Trinity Laban in collaboration with Independent Dance in London. She lectures dance at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.

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