Interviews  |  Baybeats Budding Band 2017: Faux Pas

Faux Pas – Representing The Very Heart and Soul of Indie Rock

By Chester Eu

Faux Pas

Photo credit: Hazman Azri

Bringing the sounds of Sheffield to the shores of sunny, vibrant Singapore are the boys from Faux Pas. Formed in late 2012, inspired by the likes of indie-rockers the Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party, the current lineup of Nabil (vocals and guitars), Ben (guitars and second vocals), Eddy (bass) and Sal (drums) have lasted till today. Their passion-fueled effort over the years will culminate in a spectacular performance at Baybeats 2017 and future shows in years to come.

Always having band rehearsals at LCUBE music studios, the guys bonded over nearby open-till-late food outlet Qiji Hokkien Mee after late-night jamming sessions. The members all met when they were students at Temasek Polytechnic. Nabil already knew Sal from jamming with other people. When the lineup began to take shape, Eddy, jokingly referred to as “the guitarist that wasn’t good enough”, was relegated from guitars to bass. But don’t underestimate him! The basslines he writes are groovy as hell!

Having honed their craft as mentees under famed producer Leonard Soosay in the 2015 Noise Music Mentorship program, the indie-rockers actually got their start not too long ago. They spent a little over a year since their inception in 2012 writing their songs and solidifying their setlist. They came out with a bang playing their first ever show at Anaki Rocks the City 2014, a gig organised by Juliana Koh and Tan Boon Gee from the now-defunct Anaki Records.

The members of the band have no “formal” musical training. Everyone is self-taught and they play and write everything by ear and feel. Ben is the primary composer/arranger (and only non-smoker and teetotaler) while Nabil is the lyricist. The guys have a real dedication to their craft. They all have full-time jobs and they still make time to jam and rehearse weekly. Ben and Eddy are regulars in the Army, Nabil works in a children’s bookshop and Sal "secretly wants to be in a dreampop band". Ben also plays guitar in Baybeats alumni Knightingale, and Eddy DJs on the side.

It’s not all rosy being in the band though. Despite having very similar influences, playing and making music they love, there are still internal struggles that will arise. Eddy left the band in 2013, shortly after their incarnation, due to personal differences. However, the band settled the issues and Eddy returned to the fold and now the band are stronger than ever!

After the culmination of the 2015 Noise Music Mentorship program with a showcase at the Esplanade the following year, the boys took a “hiatus of sorts” to rebrand themselves, muster up musically and re-think their marketing strategy. During that time, they continued playing sporadically around Singapore. A few notable shows include a sophomore appearance at Anaki Rocks the City 2015, supporting Summer Arcade (which have since disbanded) at their EP launch, 100 Bands Festival, SHINE Fest, Timbre Substation’s Rock the Sub, and local punk-rock heroes Take-Off’s album launch. They have also toured Malaysia in 2016 and 2017 with fellow local rockers, Buttermilkfish, Knightingale and Gilded Edge.

The guys are back recording their songs with Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios this year, having already completed their first single, 1+1 earlier this year. The catchy, upbeat tune can be found on their Bandcamp page. Come down to Baybeats 2017 to dance along to Faux Pas!