Esplanade Presents | Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts


Ceria! The Ketupat Kid

22 & 23 Jul 2017Sat & Sun
22 Jul 2017 : 4.15pm & 5pm
23 Jul 2017 : 4.45pm & 5.30pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Performed in Malay.

This year’s edition of Ceria! Takes you on adventure with our main character, Sofia. Sofia is your typical average primary school girl, with one big obsession: food! With an amazing recipe book, inherited from her loving grandmother, Sofia is the master of every single Malay delicacy that exists…. All except one. The Ketupat! Together with her friends, Salif and Nonie, they go on an adventure to find the legendary Ketupat Kid who can help her complete her collection of recipes.

General Advisory

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