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Malay Traditional Attire: Adat and Styling

Singapura Stories / Suhaimi Nasrain (Singapore)
6 Aug 2016Sat
Conducted in English

What are the characteristics of Malay traditional attire and its accoutrements? In this talk, Suhaimi Nasrain explains the traditional social forms and beliefs behind the numerous styles of dressing and use of textiles. He will also give a brief overview of how the social courtesies of the past evolved to the style of today.

Abut the speaker

Suhaimi Bin Nasrain is a poet, a traditional Malay weapons collector, and a Malay cultural activist who employs written and oral narratives on Malay history and material culture. He has given public talks on weave motifs, signs, and symbols in the styles of traditional Malay attire in relation to its historical ethos of the feudal warrior. Suhaimi also specialises in the study of traditional Malay weaponry from the perspective of combat and mystical influences, and has presented talks on it and its surrounding folklores. He has also conducted courses and lectures on the history, forms and imagery of the traditional Malay pantun verse form. He is passionate about developing a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to Malay culture from its socio-historical influences, form and aesthetic nuances.

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