Esplanade Presents | Feed Your Imagination (F.Y.I)


Verena Tay’s The Car

By Our Company (Singapore)
5 – 7 Jul 2017
Wed – Fri
5 Jul 2017 : 8pm
6 Jul 2017 : 8pm
7 Jul 2017 : 8pm
1hr 30mins (no intermission)
Esplanade Theatre Studio
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Students, seniors & NSF: $23
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When her father dies, a young lady is left with his favourite car, a vintage Fiat Marvellete. Except for brief moments in her childhood, her memories of her father and the car are fraught with difficulty and resentment. All grown up now, she wrestles with the scars inflicted by her father's misguided expressions of love and his own insecurities, and tries to come to terms with his death. Will she find it in herself to forgive her father? Can she learn to understand his perspectives and find some good in him? And just what should she do with his old, decrepit, and unusually talkative car?


Written by Verena Tay, the play explores the bonds between a father and his daughter, growing pains, and the fear of being left behind. This isn't the happiest of family stories, but it takes a long hard look at the complexities of being a parent, and the consequences of a love wielded unthinkingly.

Presented as part of the Feed Your Imagination (F.Y.I) series 2017.

Ying Xuan - Director
Julie Wee - Cast (Girl)
Faizal - Cast (Car)
Henry Heng - Cast (Man)

Set Designer - Koh Qian Wei
Lighting Designer - Manuel Garrido
Sound Designer - Ryann Othniel Seng
Art Director - Augustine Tan
Production and Stage Manager - Daryl Norman Soh
Assistant Production and Stage Manager - Musfirah Kamsin

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