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Listening to the Sacred Incenses of the World

Weisheng Chia and the Tian Tong Cultural Academy (Singapore)
22 & 23 Apr 2017Sat & Sun
Esplanade Rehearsal Studio

For many centuries, people around the world have been using different kinds of scents such as incense, perfume, even flowers, as part of their devotional practices.

This talk introduces you to the varieties used in different cultures; from the fine incense powders used in Japan to cleanse one’s hands, to resins sought after and used by the Middle East and Europe, incense used in ancient Egypt, and the kinds based on Incan recipes from South America shamans.

Enjoy a sensorial and meditative experience in this hands-on workshop, appreciating the incenses of the world.

About Weisheng Chia

Chia is the president of the Incense Culture Association of Singapore and director of Tian Tong Cultural Academy, that latter of which is constantly engaging and educating the public in knowledge of incense, as well as other cultural arts including tea, calligraphy and pottery.

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