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Unforgettable Hokkien Folk Songs II

Xie Lei, Fang Ning, Xiao Feng Feng, Hong Shao Xuan, Xie Jin Shi and Lin Ru Ping (Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia)
10 Mar 2018Sat
2hrs 30mins (including a 20min intermission)
Esplanade Concert Hall
Performed in Hokkien.
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Concessions for students, NSFs and seniors: $20*, $28**

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Hokkien folk songs—nostalgic, soul-stirring music from a past era. Their familiar melodies coupled with heartfelt lyrics tell the stories of love, family and life, documenting the joys and sorrows of a past generation.

Hailing from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, well-known singers Xie Lei, Fang Ning, Xiao Feng Feng, Hong Shao Xuan, Xie Jin Shi, as well as singer and host Lin Ru Ping gather for an evening of unforgettable Hokkien folk songs. They bring you familiar favourites such as Moonlit Night Sorrow, Mending a Fishing Net and Darkening Sky, taking you down an enjoyable journey down memory lane.

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