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Mustafa Centre. A Fact Sheet

Discover the history of this iconic shopping mall in Little India through an interactive poem.


Published: 26 Oct 2022

Time taken : ~10mins

Experience Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre. A Fact Sheet (2021) provides a brief history of the iconic shopping mall that questions what ‘facts’ obscure, and explores how the building is a metaphor for the immigrant experience in Singapore.

Contributed by:

Pooja Nansi

Pooja Nansi is a poet and educator who believes in the power that performance can lend to the written word. She has published three collections of poetry, co-authored a teacher’s resource for Singaporean poetry, and also curated Speakeasy, a spoken word showcase held monthly from 2013 to 2018. Her performance work includes the one-woman show You Are Here (2016) as well as Thick Beats for Good Girls (2018).

Nansi received the Young Artist Award in 2016 and was appointed Singapore’s inaugural Youth Poet Ambassador the next year. She was the Festival Director of the Singapore Writers Festival from 2019 to 2022.

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