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Plant your luck for the Chinese New Year

Evergreen fengshui fixers for 2021


Published: 4 Feb 2021

Time taken : ~10mins

Lettuce be honest—cultivating plants has become the new 'it' hobby, shedding its image of retirees tending to orchids for an Insta-friendlier one, of younger folks in tiny flats decked with exotic ferns, leaves of the monstera sort and funky cacti. This festive season may be filled with shades of red and gold but let's not forget the green as well (not just the ones in our hong baos). Fix your feng shui with these five lucky plants and pair them with shows at Huayi 2021 to add a little kick to your fortune!

More joy for the price of one

Lucky Bamboo (富贵竹)

Lucky bamboo

Don't be bamboo-zled—these spiralling stalks merely look like its namesake but are not related to the species at all. They are actually dracaena sanderiana, a species of flowering plant native to Central Africa. One of the most popular feng shui plants, Lucky Bamboo are a symbol of strength and are said to attract good luck and fortune. The number of stalks and their arrangement have significance, representing various kinds of luck for different aspects of life.  For example, two stalks represent love while three represent the three pillars of happiness, wealth and longevity (Fu 福, Lu 禄 and Shou 寿). They are relatively easy to care for, requiring a moderate amount of light and water.

Much like the arrangements of the Lucky Bamboo, each element of Reflections – An Interdisciplinary Concert has its own significance, all of them coming together in a unique blend of sounds and textures using Chinese and Western Instruments. Not Only Music in Anticlockwise also presents a coming-together of multiple musical influences, featuring dynamic use of livestreaming and digital media.

Breathe… and keep going

Money Plant (绿萝)

money plant

While there are many potted greens with the moniker "money plant", this variation, also known as Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum), is perhaps the most iconic one. On top of presumably attracting wealth, the plant also doubles up as a natural air purifier—you’ll want to get in league with this devil. This fast-growing plant is said to be almost "impossible to kill", making it a sustainable supplement for your feng shui needs all year round!

If resilience is what you need this year, All the world is one’s stage is perfect for you. In this production, celebrated theatre veterans share their struggles on and off stage, and what inspires them to persevere as actors and artists. For a more meditative experience, A Dust in Time features the latest work by acclaimed composer Huang Ruo and provides a space for reflection, healing and hope amid a global pandemic.

Green is the colour of renewal

Jade Plant (景天树)

Jade plant

Another variation of a "money plant", the Jade Plant is scientifically known as Crassula ovata, native to South Africa and Mozambique. The plant is easily identifiable from its vibrant and plump leaves, which are said to resemble jade coins and stones, and is thus a symbol of growth and renewal. These evergreen plants also reflect friendship and bring about positive chi energy wherever they are placed. They are hardy and easy to care for, requiring lots of light and water only when the top soil is dry to the touch.

Much like the Jade plant, the Mandopop duo The Freshman is also brimming with positive energy. They celebrate 10 years of music and promise a showcase of chemistry and friendship onstage in their upcoming concert.

If you need something that will bring you the energy of renewal and growth, then Fantasia – Nanyin Reimagined is for you. See how the ancient art form Nanyin is reinterpreted and given new life at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

Rolling in wealth

Kumquat (金橘)


The most iconic of Chinese New Year plants, the Kumquat tree, from the flowering plant family Rutaceae, is said to resemble gold coins and represent good luck and fortune. They are especially popular as gifts among business owners, often placed near entrances of buildings or offices or places where money is to be made. These potted trees are sure to liven up the room and bring about the festive atmosphere with the bright orange hue and fresh citrus scent!

Join in a rousing atmosphere with A Soaring New Year!, an energetic percussion performance by DRUM FENG. Or discover the charms of the iconic art of Chinese opera with traditional Hokkien Opera classics through a lively showcase by Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore).

Time to bloom

Pussy Willow (银柳)

pussy willow

Last and certainly not least, there's the beautiful Pussy Willow, the plant that represents the arrival of Spring. Also known as catkins from the salix genus, these long and branching stalks symbolise the new year and the coming of prosperity. Those with fresh shoots and unopened buds are often preferred as they also represent the potential for growth and life's continuous journey when the buds eventually bloom. The fluffy blossoms come in a variety of colours and are a stunning addition to any home during the festive season. Make sure to change the water for these plants frequently to maintain their beauty!

Celebrate the beauty of body, movement and culture with Dance en Scene, a series of four dance films created and shot by artists living in the bustling cities of Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively.

Before you bring these plants into your home, make sure to do your research and find the right placements for them. With a bit of work and care, these plants can thrive, and maybe bring you the fortunes you seek in 2021!

All illustrations by Nisha Menon.

A roaring new year

Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts

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11 Feb – 6 Mar 2022

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