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Pretty Exciting Stuff: Film photography

Reconnecting nature and mankind through photography


Published: 4 Aug 2021

Time taken : ~10mins

Episode 2: The Trees; They Speak

Environmental artist Zen Teh and spunky retiree Rita converse about real life, reel life and everything in between! Tune in to watch them exchange new experiences and find out what surprising memories they share in common, ignited by their mutual interest in film photography.

Video reproduced with permission from the National Arts Council.

About film photography

Film Photography (a.k.a. analogue photography) is a means of capturing images on film, a light-sensitive medium that darkens when exposed to light. A darkroom is where film development occurs. Liquid chemicals are used to process negatives of the film roll, and prints are produced when the film contents are transferred onto paper. The larger the film format or size, the higher the image resolution. The grainy film look adds an organic warmth which digital cameras cannot replicate. When photographs are imprinted onto three-dimensional surfaces, the images are transformed into photography structures with entirely different form and textures. These structures straddle photography and installation art, by immersing viewers in the given space, activating their spatial senses to go beyond the flat and two-dimensional.

About Zen Teh

Zen Teh is an environmental artist and educator in interdisciplinary investigation of the human relationship with the natural world. Teh’s art practice is shaped by her proficiency in photography and painting, alongside her continual investigation into interdisciplinary studies of the works of nature and human behaviour. Her works have been showcased in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Singapore. She has also exhibited regionally in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

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Pretty Exciting Stuff

Commissioned by National Arts Council (Singapore), Pretty Exciting Stuff is an ongoing video series featuring conversations between everyday Singaporeans and our talented visual artists. Get to know our local artists and their mediums and see what goes on behind the scenes of this exciting stuff called visual arts!

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